Jul 8 2014

Pham Sushi


Pham Sushi is a Japanese restaurant on Whitecross street, near Old Street and Moorgate. They actually have 2 restaurants very close to each other and at first I walked into their more casual restaurant and was directed to their main restaurant across the street and a bit further along. I was surprised to see how busy the place was. We came here on a Tuesday lunchtime and I had not booked a table and I almost could not get a table and had to settle for a not so good one by the door. The inside of the restaurant is “very Japanese” and done in a minimalistic approach with a sushi bar on one side of the room where you can watch the Japanese sushi chefs make fresh sushi (as well as the Vietnamese owner wth the surname Pham who apparently, I am told by my friend Julian, is also here making sushi).

The menu was extensive and you could have many different fish in your nigiru sushi or rolls (both hand and cut rolls) or have the fish as sashimi. They also had a lot of sushi sets. Quite an impressive selection of raw fish on the menu. As our small starters we ordered “Nasu dengaku” or deep fried aubergine with sweet miso and “Rock Shrimp Tempura in Spicy Sauce”. The aubergine was great, soft and with a slight sweet taste. They gave you a lot of Rock Shrimp Tempura, we could not finish the whole plate and I did like the spicy sauce that was all over it.

I love soba noodles so I had to have one of their hot noodle dishes (you could also have a cold noodle dish) and I chose the Yasai Tempura Soba or soba noodles with vegetable tempura. Once again they gave me a big plate and the noodles tasted authentic as did the tempura which, like they traditionally should, was given to me on another plate. My lunch buddy Hugo was keen to have their sushi and he ordered a selection which included various rolls, including different tuna rolls and king prawn tempura. The plate they gave us was big, the sushi was well rolled and the fish was fresh.

In a lot of ways Pham Sushi is similar to your average very good Japanese restaurant, but what I think makes it unique is the long menu, I think this is one of the longest menus I have seen, which included bento boxes, Pham special dishes, salads, main course and rice dishes, sushi/ sashimi section, salads, soups, appetizers, grilled dishes, fried dishes, tempura and noodle dishes. So many things to choose from. Another special thing about Pham Sushi is the price – we had a lot of food and could not finish everything and the quality of ingredients was very good and we only paid around £70 which I think is great value for money for this sort of food. My lunch buddy Hugo who took me here really likes this place and he thinks the food here is amazing and thinks it should deserve more than 4Ms.

Date: 08/ 07/ 14
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: I can’t remember exactly, but I think we paid around £70
Location: Old Street

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Pham Sushi
165 Whitecross Street EC1Y 8JL
United Kingdom
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