Mar 10 2014

Pie Kristapa Kunga


Pie Kristapa Kunga (which means in Latvian – ar Mr Kristaps’ place) is a Latvian traditional restaurant which features also some international dishes. It is a good value for money place where to have a quick lunch or dinner, not a gourmet restaurant. When you go to their website they tell you a strange fantasy story how Mr Kristaps was a very good man, a lord and a knight so one of the rooms features “his shields and swords”. Also as Mr Kristaps was a “globe trotter” and brought many various things home with him, you can see these in the restaurant. This is also where he got his international recipes from. He also has an “Eastern room” in the restaurant that is dedicated to his trip to the Arab world. I did like the middle-ages décor, that ever room is slightly different. It is always nice to eat Latvian food in a traditional looking restaurant and I liked the wooden tables and high ceilings and also the open kitchen where you could see the chefs cook.

People come here to have good, fast lunch and the business lunch which features soup or dessert with a drink and a main course costs EUR 4.7 and is a good value for money meal. My friend Girts, with whom I came here for lunch, ordered the business lunch. Nothing from the set lunch menu really stood out for me, so I ordered a dish a la carte. You can also get breakfast from 11 to 13.00 here (a very very strange time for breakfast in my view) and the menu features porridge, pancakes, cottage cheese and omelette. The menu also features snacks you can have with beer or vodka, various pickles, salted herring, anchovies, smoked eel and dark bread. Besides this there are cold appetizers (EUR 7 on average), warm appetizers (EUR 6 on average), pasta (EUR7 on average) various Latvian traditional and international salads and soups and then main courses which are divided into “Latvian cuisine”, “Russian cuisine”, “Meat” and “Fish”. They also have a good selection of vegetarian dishes. This restaurant also features one of the most popular and traditional Latvian dishes, which you can rarely see in restaurants, and which I always tell foreigners to try “Grey peas with smoked cottage bacon”.  I actually like Latvian, Russian and Central Asian food a lot and I was impressed with the large selection and also very appetising sounding dishes, and could not chose what to order for a while as I wanted to have many different things.

In the end I ordered the “Grilled Pork chop with baked potatoes, sauerkraut and tomato sauce”. The pork chop had been cooked on an open fire. It cost nearly EUR 10, but they gave me a huge piece (I could not finish the whole thing), it was delicious, the potatoes were nice and I love sauerkraut, so I was happy with this dish. I rarely these days have traditional Latvian food and this was good. The only thing I did not like was the tomato sauce. As part of the daily lunch menu offer, Girts ordered the pea soup (he had a choice of 2 soups) and a white fish with rice, sauce and some carrots. Portions were good for the price and he seemed to enjoy it.

There is nothing fancy about “Pie Kristapa Kunga” but if you want to sample Latvian food, this is a good place. The prices are reasonable, the menu is very long and you are bound to find things you like, and the quality of food is good and portions are big. So you will not leave hungry. Besides the restaurant “Lido” this is another obvious place for Latvian cuisine. You don’t get to see all the food in front of you and chose it like you do at “Lido”, which I think is quite interesting, but based purely on food I think maybe Pie Kristapa Kunga is a bit better than Lido.

Date: 10/ 03/ 14
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and no service charge: EUR 16
Location: Riga, Latvia

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Pie Kristapa Kunga
Baznicas iela 27/29 Riga 1010
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