Jan 3 2013

Pirates Bight

I did not like this place at all. Pirates Bight is located on the Norman Islands in the British Virgin Islands, in the Bight, and from the outside it looks very welcoming, as it has deck chairs in front of the restaurant where people are relaxing, drinking beer and it is located just by the sea, so people are going swimming before, in between and after their meal. I went there for lunch and we had to wait a long time to be served, as all the waitresses did not acknowledge us. The menu is a mix of European and traditional West Indian food, so it has things like Greek salad, Burgers, Lobster, and also salad with smoked wahoo (a type of fish that lives in the Caribbean) which I ate, mahi mahi (another type of fish that lives there) sandwich, which is served with fries which my boyfriend had, as well as conch fritters, vegetable rotis and other things. I ordered a small salad, and they brought me a huge plate of salad and on one side a fish that was mushed with mayonnaise or some other white sauce and onions and totally not what I expected. I wanted to see a nice healthy smoked fish and instead I got this mushed up thing, and I think the menu should have explained how they would serve the fish a bit better, and as a result I only had a tiny bit of this. My boyfriend’s mahi mahi sandwich was just like a burger but inside there was mahi mahi, which is a white thick fillet type of fish, a bit meaty. I liked the fish, first time I have had it, and I thought it was ok to eat it in the burger but the fish was overcooked. The fries that went with it were ok, and the sauce that had some Dijon mustard added to it was quite interesting. But another thing that slightly upset me was that this place charged 15% service charge, which is a lot, even for the British Virgin Island standards, and so in the end paying $50 for the meal I thought was a bit too much. There is not a lot of choice where to eat when it comes to Normal Island, but try to eat in William Thornton if you can as that is much better and has real character.

Date: 03/12/12
Location: Norman Island, British Virgin Islands
Price for 2 including 1 alcoholic drink and 15% service charge: $50.11

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Pirates Bight Norman Island
British Virgin Islands
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