Feb 20 2012

Pitt Cue Co


Pitt Cue Co has been one of my best discoveries, the place serves seriously good food. I have been there twice now, I first went there a few months after it had opened and I had some of the best ribs there ever. I liked it so much I dragged my boyfriend there who also loves this place and has been taking his friends there ever since.


Pitt Cue Co is located in Soho and it only seats 30 people, which means there can be long queues outside as they have a no reservations policy and both times when I visited this place I have had to wait. The first time I came here was with my friend Janis and we arrived at around 6.15pm on a Monday evening and had to wait outside in the cold in the queue for 45 minutes. The second time when I came here with my boyfriend the wait was slightly less. You can either sit downstairs which has small tables or upstairs on high stools and chairs and in both places you will be absolutely cramped. Also don’t expect to linger on; they bring you the food quickly as they have many people wanting to eat here.


However I think the wait is worth it, as their food is delicious. They serve various meat products, like pulled pork, pork ribs, beef ribs, sausages and beef brisket and they also have daily specials. They also have delicious sides to go with this like baked beans, Chipotle slaw, Pitt Cue Salad and the prices are reasonable for the amazing meal you get and you do get a lot of food. Unfortunately the pictures I have taken don't do this place justice, so you just have to trust me that this place is amazing. 


During my first visit I had pork ribs and they served them with different type of pickles, which I love and I loved them in this restaurant. It was delicious, there was a lot of meat, the sauce was incredible. I also could not finish my ribs. My friend Janis had the onglet steak, which was the special of the day. 


If you like meat, casual restaurants and just delicious food, you must go there. I recommend going there during lunchtime, when the queue is smaller. 


Location: Soho

Date: 20/ 02/ 2012 

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Pitt Cue Co
1 Newburgh St, London W1F 7RB
United Kingdom
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