Oct 27 2013

Plum + Spilt Milk

My friend Amala and I were catching up for breakfast and needed a restaurant. Amala wanted something a bit classy and after I sent him some suggestions he chose Dean Street Townhouse from the options I had given him. As I was booking a restaurant on a Saturday for a breakfast at 11.00 on Sunday, it was quite hard to book anything, and Dean Street Townhouse was full. I therefore decided to go for something similar and chose Plum + Spilt Milk.

I had not been to Plum + Spilt Milk before, but had read good reviews and also it was located by Kings Cross, an area which I very much like after the recent redevelopment and keep finding great restaurants around there.  Plum + Spilt Milk is located in the Great Northern Hotel which is located in between Kings Cross and St Pancras stations and overlooks the St Pancras station. I had never been in there before and there was a wonderful old school and secret feel about it. It is one of these buildings that is located in plain sight next to very busy stations, yet feels like very few people know about it and step into it.

I entered the hotel and could not find Plum + Spilt Milk, so I had to ask the reception where it was located, and they told me to head to the first floor. I absolutely loved the dining room when I first entered. It is not big, so feels very cosy and it is beautiful. Amala is into décor as he has just ordered his home furniture and he kept saying how nice everything here was and was in love with the chairs. I loved the blue colour of the room, the interesting lamps, the mirrors, the décor was stunning and definitely one you will remember.

The main chef is Mark Sergent who cooks British food. I went here for breakfast, and it is always hard to asses a restaurant just based on breakfast, also apparently because Plum + Spilt Milk does wonderful all day menu, which includes very delicious things like Red Mullet with braised fennel, Monkfish curry with Pilaf rice, as well as classics like steak tartare and prawn cocktail. The all-day menu is extensive and I could find many things I would want to eat there.

The breakfast menu however was quite small, surprisingly small. There were only 4 savoury and 6 sweet dishes on the menu. I was torn between ordering the eggs royal or salt beef hash with fried egg and in the end went for the salt beef hash as I thought this was very original, a dish I had not really seen before on the menu, and I have had plenty of poached eggs in my life. Amala ordered the full English breakfast.

I have to say our waitress was wonderful. Amala was super picky saying he wanted his bacon well fried, his eggs runny and his toast only slightly toasted and she listened to everything wrote it down, the food matched what Amala had wanted and she was super keen in the end to check Amala was happy with his meal. Amala loved the atmosphere in this place and was saying how he wants to come back soon and also finished his whole meal, which he enjoyed. I also very much enjoyed the salt beef hash. There was more meat than potatoes, which was a super nice, positive, delicious surprise and the whole beef hash was lovely seasoned, strong delicious flavour and nicely topped with the egg. I also ordered a side of tomatoes, which were ok. Overall both Amala and I had a great breakfast.

Just like Amala, I am looking forward to coming back here at some point and trying their all day menu. This is one of those gems in the city people don’t know about, you show them, and then they love this place.

Date: 27/ 10/ 13
Location: Kings Cross
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £41

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Plum + Spilt Milk
Great Northern Hotel, Pancras Road, N1C 4TB
United Kingdom
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