May 27 2014


The first Polpetto opened in 2010 in Soho and then closed in 2012 as the venue was too small (seated 24), even though people loved the food. After spending some time looking for a new place, Polpetto has finally opened on another street, also in Soho, and now seats 60 people and also has an aperativo bar. Polpetto as the name suggests is the sister restaurant to Polpo (Venetian tapas restaurant with many branches in London) and Russell Norman is behind all these venues.

I did not go to the previous Polpetto, even though I did want to, but the new one is quite dark in the inside (which means photos taken with my iphone were super dark and not great at all), creating that romantic feeling, similar to what Ducksoup (another restaurant in Soho) is like. The main chef is Florence Knight and the dishes on the menu were quite unusual, using popular ingredients but combining them in interesting ways that worked very well.

I came here for dinner with my friend Anton. We ordered six dishes and then shared them. We ordered some grilled focaccia bread, Marinda tomatoes, as sort of smaller/starter dishes. I thought the bread was good, as were the tomatoes but the tomatoes could have been a bit more creative. Then came the “beetroot, goats curd and sorrel” and “burrata, samphire, chilli” dishes and the main chef Florecne likes to use three, and maybe four ingredients maximum, in her dishes, which you can clearly see there. The beetroot dish was beautiful, the beetroot was puried and topped with goats curd and sorrel and was a beautiful bright dish that unfortunately does not come out in the dark picture. It was delicious, as was the burrata dish and the burrata was extremely soft and tasty and what a great idea to combine it with samphire which you typically don’t eat with burrata.

Then we moved on to warmer dishes, and first “chicken oysters, cannellini, watercress” dish caught our attention and the waitress was saying how the chicken oysters were the most tender part of the chicken, and as I had never tried them before, we ordered this. The chicken was really very tender and good. The last dish that we ordered was “rabbit, celery, wild garlic” and once again I enjoyed it a lot, although it requited a bit more effort to eat as you had to remove the meat from the bone.

In general I am quite skeptical about using just a few ingredients as I find that a lot of the times it does not really work and the taste is not great, but I loved Florence Knight’s dishes, and her interpretation to cooking and she did the minimalistic approach to cooking in the most perfect way. If you like Polpo, then most definitely try Polpetto. Polpetto is a bit more intimate than Polpo.

Date: 27/ 05/ 14
Price: I can’t remember but was less than £100 for 2 people
Location: Soho

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