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Portofino is an Italian restaurant in the quiet centre area of Riga, Latvia. I came here on a very hot day, when the temperatures were hitting 33 degrees and so we sat outside in the nice outside area of Portofino. They also have a nice dining room inside with high ceilings.

I thought the small snack they brought us before we ordered our food was very good and had different types of bread and crackers. The mushroom season in Latvia had just started so I ordered roasted wild mushrooms and new potatoes, and the dish was served with a typical cream sauce and lightly pickled tomatoes and cucumbers. I very much enjoyed this dish. The mushrooms felt very fresh, were nicely cooked and the dish was simple but very delicious. My friend Baiba at first ordered just the beef fillet carpaccio with truffle oil but after seeing my mushroom and potato dish, she ordered this as well. The beef carpaccio looked good made out of a good piece of fillet with a lot of rocket and parmesan cheese.

My boyfriend also very much liked this place. He ordered the lobster and celery cream soup with scallops and the soup was beautifully done, half of it was dark red, sort of lobster colour and the other half was green, celery colour, beautiful red and green plate and he thought it was very good. He also ordered a warm seafood salad with lettuce which was topped with a soft shell crab and once again he thought it was very good.

The prices in Portofino are average for a Latvian high end restaurant, starters cost around EUR10 on average and main courses EUR20 although you can find cheaper options. Overall I thought the food was good and the place was very nice. My friends Baiba and Emil who live quite close also like this place a lot and come here often.

Date: 27/ 07/ 14
Price for 4 people (but 3 people eating): EUR 72.70
Location: Riga

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