Jan 1 2013

Prime One Twelve


Prime One Twelve together with Nusr-et Steak House are my 2 favourite steak restaurants in the world. I had read a lot about Prime One Twelve before I visited Miami as all Miami city guides say this is the best restaurant in town, where Beyonce and Obama go and also where recently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went, and that you go there to celebrate a special occasion or a finished deal. Initially I was not that keen to go there as I thought it would be very pretentious and I did not even suggest it to my boyfriend to try (also because recently he has developed a preference to go to more casual and relaxed restaurants). But whilst we were in Miami my boyfriend’s colleague sent him an email telling him he has to go to Prime One Twelve and so we decided to try it out. It was a Tuesday evening, holiday, as it was the 1st of January and we thought we probably will not get a table there as we had not booked anything (my travel guide said to book this place at least a week in advance) but nevertheless we decided to try our luck and went there to see if they had a table. The ladies at the door told me they had no tables left in the main restaurant and the waiting time for the area outside was 45minutes (we did not want to wait and also it was turning a bit chilly outside), but she said we could go to the building next door which was Prime Hotel (the Prime group owns a few restaurants, including Prime Italian located just across from Prime One Twelve and also this hotel), which had a bar and you could eat there from the same menu. We went there and initially sat by the bar, and it was an amazing atmosphere being there, the place was buzzing, the bar was super cool and they gave you a big glass full of smoked bacon which was absolutely amazing and delicious and one of the best bar snacks I have seen and tasted. I loved it. After a while we moved to a table next to the bar as we had some other friends joining us and there was no space at the bar, but if you go there I thoroughly recommend eating by the bar, it is just great atmosphere there.

I was not that hungry so I let my boyfriend order for us and I was going to have some of it as well. He ordered a large T bone steak for us to share, medium rare and some sautéed spinach and sweet potatoe and vanilla mash as sides (he wanted to order one more side but the waiter said they were quite large and 2 should be enough), and in the end I think even 1 side is enough for 2 people as they really were huge. The menu is very wide, you can get seafood there, fish (I was tempted to order the prawn cocktail but thought it would be too much, and later I saw a waiter carrying it and it looked absolutely amazing with huge prawns) but yes the place does focus on steak, so if you go there make sure you at least try the steak. The bread that they brought us whilst we were waiting for the food was amazing. They brought us this nice soft cheese bread, which is one of the nicest bread rolls a restaurant has ever given me, I had to really stop myself from not eating too much of it, as it was just too good. My boyfriend loved the raisin bread they gave us (I don’t like raisins so did not try this properly). When the food arrived it was absolutely superb. I am usually not the biggest fan of steak, can’t eat too much of it, and also can’t really taste the difference, but having said that I loved this steak and also thought it was one of the nicest steaks I have ever had in my life. It was so soft and delicious and perfectly cooked medium rare and just melted in your mouth. The sides were great too, and very large as the waiter had warned us (we barely finished half of each side). The spinach was soft and tender and the mash was absolutely incredible and like a guilty pleasure. It was so sweet and you could taste maple syrup in it, and the taste of it was extremely interesting, nothing like I have had before. Despite the fact it was sweet and had these vanilla and maple syrup things in it, it went well with the steak and it did not feel strange eating it.

I am so so happy we went to Prime One Twelve as this is definitely one of the best steaks I have had and one of the most memorable meals of the last year, and if you are in Miami I thoroughly recommend this place.

Date: 01/01/13
Price for 2 including some alcohol but only main course: $137 (and I left $25 service charge)
Location: Miami

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Prime One Twelve
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