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Quality Chop House, The


My friend Paul suggested we go for lunch to The Quality Chop House, a place I strangely had not heard anything about, especially considering how amazing the restaurant was. The Quality Chop House is a dining room, wine bar, butchers & shop on Farringdon road. It was originally opened in 1869 but obviously the original owners have changed since then and it is a different type of restaurant.

The restaurant apparently is great if you love wine, with a long wine list and a wine shop alongside the bar and dining room. 5 of us came here for lunch and one of us ( South African) ordered a glass of wine (the rest of us did not drink) and surprisingly was recommended a South African wine. The Butchers & Food Shop located next door sells a range of British meats as well as home-made condiments and pies. I did not visit it, but Paul went there after our lunch to stock up for his supper, and Paul only eats the best food, so this must be a great shop.

The interior at The Quality Chop House was very memorable. The Grade-II listed dining room still tries to keep its original design from 1869 and it has booths where 3-6 people can sit (there were 5 of us and it was sort of cosy, so I would not recommend 6 squeezing in). The table inside the booth is very narrow, unusually narrow, and you are very close to the people you sit at opposite (as well as next to), this places is great if you fancy someone and want to be close to them at all times of the meal. The walls have mirrors, and nice flowers in vases decorate the walls, it is a very pleasant place where to have your meal.

The food is British, but original and appetising, like food the food at another British restaurant St Johns. This is another place where you should take people that say they don’t like British food, and it will completely blow them away. The menu is divided into some snacks, starters, main courses and desserts and starters are £8 on average and main courses £15 (although they range from £12.50 to £22). You can also order a “chop & a glass” lunch for £15, apparently like people did in the old times, when the restaurant first opened.

We ordered Marcona almonds and Nocellara olives to start with, both £4, as well as a plate of charcuterie for £15 as well as melted strong cheese with toasted brioche. The last one was one of our lunch buddies, Vika’s, favourite dish, the cheese was semi melted, tasty and wonderful with the sweeter brioche bread, sort of simple, but very nice to eat. The olives were those large green Italian olives that have loads of flavour and you could not stop eating the almonds, they had a salty and some other sort of nice spice added to them. The charcuterie plate was good, with 5 different types of meat sliced super thinly, I have not seen this sort of thin slicing anywhere. Also I love pickles and though the nice little plate of pickles that came with the dish was superbly delicious.

We did not have time to have a starter as we were here for a quick lunch, so we just ordered main courses. I went for the Somerset kid (don’t worry I was not eating a child, it was a goat) which was served with greens and marinated anchovies, same as Paul, and my other lunch buddies chose the “Wild bass, brown shrimp, sea purslane, potato purée” and “Hereford mince, dripping toast, watercress”. All dishes looked great and were served on these colourful old plates you could imagine being used in the 19th century. Each plate was different and they added to the authentic feel of the place. My goat was served pink, and it was delicious although had a tiny bit too much fat and less meat than I would have loved to. I thought though it was very smart to serve it with the greens and slightly more strong flavoured anchovies, it was a delicious dish, with great balance of ingredients and flavours, I really enjoyed it. My lunch buddies that had the wild bass with brown shrimp said it was amazing, and the Hereford mince got equally positive reviews, although the person that had it said it was quite a heavy dish.

I really enjoyed my meal at the Quality Chop House, and if you have not yet been, I thoroughly recommend this place for a very authentic British meal in a beautiful dining room.

Date: 27/ 03/ 15
Location: Farringdon
Price for 5 people: £163.68

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Quality Chop House, The
88-94 Farringdon Road EC1R 3EA
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