Aug 10 2012

Queens Head & Artichoke

Queens Head & Artichoke is a pub, just off Great Portland Street and serves modern English food and Spanish type of tapas. Now why I rank this place so high and the reason why I enjoyed it as much as I did was the price!! I have not seen tapas that cost from £3 to £6 in a long time in London, and I was so excited about this, as 4 dishes to be shared by 2 people cost me £19 and I was full from that. I have not had such a cheap and good meal in London in a while. 


I went there at 8pm on a Friday night for a friends engagement party, and I was starving (and the friend had not provided any food), and as I get very grumpy when I am not fed I asked for the bar menu and was very surprised to get a BIG extensive menu on both sides of the A4 paper in small writing with about 50 different tapas there, which is many more than you usually see in a tapas restaurant. We had pork and paprika meat balls (we got 3) for £3.5! And the meatballs were nice! We also had the red and green chilli peppers stuffed with feta for £3.7, which once again was tasty, and I think actually may cost less than a similar thing you can buy in M&S. Greek salad was a slightly more expensive £5, but it was nice, and we also had the lamb patties with mint and rosemary and yogurt for £4.5, which were quite similar to the meatballs, but were tasty. 


My friends had the Serrano ham croquettes, salt and pepper deep fried squid with allioli, rocket salad and stuffed wine leaves with herbed rice, and all of this looked nice (I was too polite and did not ask to try any of their food so can’t comment on the taste). The only thing they were not sure about was the squid (I tasted it as well and it was not brilliant, but certainly edible). 


Maybe I am getting way too excited as I don’t really go to gastropubs for food that often, but I loved the value for money in Queens head & Artichoke. All the tapas looked and tasted great, and for £10/ person it is much cheaper than a meal in Pizza Express, Byron or Nandos (I am assuming you get sides in all these places)


Date – 10/08/12

Price for 2 (4 tapas) - £19

Location: Regents Park

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Queens Head & Artichoke
30-32 Albany St, NW1 4EA
United Kingdom
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