Aug 2 2014

Quince Tree at Clifton Nurseries


The Quince tree is a pub, restaurant, café and deli in Stonor - a pretty village in the heart of the Chilterns, close to Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. They also have a restaurant in London, Warwick Avenue called “The Quince Tree at Clifton Nurseries” which is where I went for brunch with some friends on a Saturday morning. The place is beautiful and oozes calm and Clifton Nurseries is London's oldest garden centre. There is a garden and a flower shop and everything is so nice and green around you and feels surreal, like you are not in London, and so peaceful. Just a wonderful place to be in.

We came here at 11.30 so we ordered from their breakfast and brunch menu (at 12pm the menu changes into a lunch/ brunch menu). The menu had your usual breakfast items and apart from one dish (which I will mention later) did not offer anything too interesting – just the usual things you would expect to see.  I ordered “Eggs benedict” which were supposed to be with Hand cut Berkshire ham, wilted spinach & hollandaise, but they told me they had ran out of ham and I had to have bacon. My boyfriend and Katrina ordered “Eggs Royale” with Scottish smoked salmon, wilted spinach & hollandaise. Love ordered poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon, Ludwig ordered “The Quince Tree full English breakfast” with sausage, smoked back bacon, grilled tomato, field mushroom, beans, homemade black pudding and your choice of eggs (he went for fried) with toast and Una ordered the dish that I earlier called the only creative on - Sweetcorn fritters with avocado, The Quince Tree tomato chutney & chilli oil. 

Many of us had poached eggs in our dishes and this place does not know how to do poached eggs. Love sent his eggs back as they were hard and not poached at all, the yolk was not runny at all making them hard boiled eggs. My boyfriend had the same problem but he was too polite and did not send his portion back. Katrina and I were a bit more lucky and our eggs were a bit better but by no means with perfectly runny yolks, they were runny but towards the hard side. The rest of the ingredients in the Eggs Royale and Eggs Benedict dishes were quite nice and I did enjoy the bacon. This is not the best Eggs benedict I have had, but apart from the not so perfect eggs, a very good Eggs benedict. Ludwig however was much more enthusiastic about his meal and called this the best English breakfast he has had this year. Una’s fritters were quite interesting, they were good but not amazing.

I would give The Quince Tree at Clifton Nurseries 3Ms if it were not for the amazing atmosphere in the garden. The whole atmosphere (not the food) is why you come here and I will probably come back here during the summer as it is just so wonderful there. It is not like you are in London at all.

Date: 02/ 08/ 14
Location: Warwick Avenue
Price for 6 people for brunch with service charge: £111.60

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Quince Tree at Clifton Nurseries
5A Clifton Villas W9 2PH
United Kingdom
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