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Rainarai is an Algerian restaurant located on a picturesque canal in Amsterdam. The restaurant is located in a secluded house located in this park next to the canal so it looks very pretty with green trees and bushes all around it, and it almost feels like you are in the countryside, even though you are in the middle of Amsterdam. The main chef who is Algerian uses organic and fresh produce and all the dishes he cooks are full of vibrantly coloured vegetables that seem so fresh and tasty, the whole menu just feels very healthy. Also the chef steams and cooks the vegetables in such a way they don’t seem to lose their flavour and taste (and also it feels like they are retaining all the vitamins). The atmosphere is very relaxed and great, you can sit outside either on the formal tables and chairs or more relaxed on cushions, watch the fire that they have created in front of the house (they have a cute little cauldron boiling like a witches house) you sit inside and watch the chef cook. I was there for my friend William’s birthday, so we had a set menu, so I don’t know the names of the dishes I had (and the website is only in Dutch, so I can’t look them up), but we started the meal with a very nice bright salad of beetroot, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and some spicy peppers, and another salad of couscous, egg and grapes. Note I am not a huge fan of all the ingredients in these salads and would not have put them together myself but the first salad with beetroot was very very nice (I did not think I would like it and the flavours together really impressed me and I loved it). Wine was served in these huge empty olive tins, which I thought was very cool.  After that we had warm dishes, the first was rice served with a pepper and minced meet and peas, which was absolutely delicious, the rice and meet were perfect and melted in your mouth. The they served this amazing steamed vegetable dish, carrots, beans, courgettes, green leaves with polenta. Every piece of vegetable was very very delicious, the polenta in the middle was great. Next came this chicken which was very soft and deliciously spiced, served with olives and a nice sauce, which seemed like it had been cooked in a tagine. We also had cooked prawns, which was probably the least inspiring dish, but still nice. For a wonderful relaxed and healthy meal go to Rainarai in Amsterdam.


Price per person for only food: EUR34

Date: 28/07/12

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Prinsengracht 252 1016 HG
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