Oct 25 2014

Rama V


My boyfriend was running the Frankfurt marathon and the day before he was loading on carbs (but good carbs), and so wanted to go to a Thai restaurant to get some rice. Our hotel in Frankfurt recommended Rama V and said that for many years this place has been voted the best Thai restaurant in Frankfurt. The restaurant is named after King Rama V.

Rama V is located 5-10min away from the main shopping street of Frankfurt and does not look of much from the outside, but the inside of the restaurant is nicely decorated with Thai elements and a large golden Buda. When we arrived at 12.30 we were the only people there, but the restaurant got more busy and by the time we left half the restaurant was full, which just means Germans have their Saturday lunch later than English.

The menu was in German and in English (and Thai). It had all the dishes you would expect to see in a Thai restaurant. I ordered the traditional papaya salad with vegetables and nuts, and it tasted quite authentic and was very spicy. The menu said it was going to be spicy and it was so spicy my mum could not eat it at all. Besides the spiciness I really liked it. I also ordered the tom gung soup, typical spicy Thai soup with mushrooms and prawns, it was also quite authentic. For my main course I ordered some steamed rice and a main course of prawns stir fried with Thai aubergine and green beans and green peppercorns. The ingredients used were delicious, all seemed good, beans were crunchy, prawns big, I liked it.

My mum ordered a larger soup with glass noodles, beef and vegetables. She seemed to enjoy it. My boyfriend went for the pad thai with rice noodles and beef. The noodles had coloured dark brown due to the beef. I tasted it, and it was not amazing, but was solid.

I had a good meal at Rama V. It was not the best Thai I have ever had, but the ingredients used were good and taste of the dishes authentic. It was a nice, solid meal, but there was nothing wow about it.

Price for 3 people: EUR 72 (and we left EUR 5 service charge)
Location: Frankfurt
Date: 25/ 10/ 14

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Rama V
Vilbeler Straße 32 60313 Frankfurt am Main
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