Jul 29 2012


Razmataz is a neighbourhood restaurant in Amsterdam, and the name razmataz means “any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent”. The place consists of 3 areas, each with a separate entrance, a café, a restaurant and a bar and the restaurant where I went on Sunday for lunch serves “classic French and Italianfood” according to the website. The menu serves sandwiches, some pasta dishes, a soup and some main courses. I had the tagliatelli primavera, which was served with chunky pieces ofmozzarella, cherry tomatoes (which were not that hot, and seemed to be added afterwards to the pasta), olives and somegreenleaves. The pasta was not amazing;I could have made it myself easily, as it was just boiled pastawith things added to it. The sandwich which cost€9 was a normal sandwich you can get in any normal sandwich shop but I thought was a bit too overpriced for the size.The dish of baked aubergines, tomatoes and cheese lookedquite nice, but I did not try it. For a casual quick lunch this place will do, but don’t expect anything much. 


Price for 4, no alcohol: EUR 74

Location: Amsterdam

Date: 29/07/12

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Hugo de Grootplein 7 1052 KV
Razmataz Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 1.5