Jul 6 2013

Real Greek, The

The Real Greek is a chain of Greek restaurants that has been around for many years and offers okeyish Greek food in the middle of London. It is not going to offer you very creative or super well made Greek food, but if you are lazy and just want some taste of Greece, it is a good place to visit.

I have been to some other branches of the Real Greek (like the Covent Garden branch and the one close to Tate Modern), but on this occasion we visited the branch just by Marylebone High Street as my boyfriend, his mum and myself wanted some light lunch and my boyfriend’s mum fancied some Greek food. We were sitting outside, which was very nice, as it was really hot, but there are only 4 seats outside, so chances are you are not going to get a table outside if it is hot. Nevertheless the inside of the restaurant is quite pleasant, but not very memorable. What I found interesting but also slightly bizarre was that on their menu (a large sheet of paper) they had calories written next to each of their dishes, and it really surprised me to see that their large Greek salad had 1362 calories, 68% of women’s total daily calorie intake, and this almost discouraged me from eating there.

In the end after studying the menu we chose 3 types of dips, the tzaziki (Greek yoghurt with cucumber, garlic, dill and fresh mint, 163 calories), taramasalata (made with cod roe and with a heart stopping 913 calories) and hipiti (a red pepper, chilli and feta dip, 305 calories) and all the dips were average, not the best dips I have had but also not bad, presented nicely in a little tower and we had these with the Greek flat bread, which I have to say was excellent, thin, crispy and very tasty.

After having the dips we moved to some more substantial dishes, and I ordered for us to share some halloumi cheese, a chicken skewer with onions and peppers, Lamb Kefte (minced lamb, skewered and marinated with Anatolian spices) and also the 1362 calorie Greek salad. I did very much like the Greek salad, but still cant understand how there could have been 1362 calories, and it had great and fresh vegetables seasoned well and also topped with huge chunks of feta cheese and I like the salad presented in such a way, when you can break up the cheese yourself. The halloumi was good as well as were the chicken skewer and kebab. None of the food was amazing or very interesting but it was not bad, they had seasoned it well, cooked it well, so it was just a decent meal.

Another great thing about the Real Greek was that they did not add the service charge to your bill, and so few places do it these days, I am always very excited and surprised in a positive way when I see this. This would not be the restaurant of my choice for Greek Food, but if I want quick Greek food on the go and can’t be bothered to look for a Greek restaurant, I am very happy to go there.

Date: 06/07/13
Location: Marylebone
Price for 3 people, no alcohol and no service charge: £44 (and we left £5 service charge)

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Real Greek, The
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