Aug 28 2013

Red Dao House Restaurant


My boyfriend and I were visiting Sapa, a town in the north of Vietnam, and our hotel recommended we go to Red Dao House Restaurant for lunch. Red Dao restaurant is named after the Red Dao ethnic minority tribe that lives around Sapa, and they are distinguished by the red headscarves that the women wear. The waitresses in the Red Dao House restaurant were dressed in this traditional attire with the red headscarves. Sapa was generally quite empty when we came, with not many tourists around, and so it is not surprising that we were the only people in the restaurant when we came there for lunch at around 1pm. The inside of the restaurant is very pleasant with white tablecloths and sort of an upscale traditional feel. 


The menu featured loads of Vietnamese dishes, but not sure if it had that many Red Dao specialised dishes, as the menu looked quite similar to other restaurant menus we had seen in Sapa. In the end I decided to go for one of the hot pots, as it seemed to be quite a traditional thing here and I still had not tried it. I chose a chicken hot pot (even though you could also have a beef one, mixed one, salmon one, and only recently I have learnt that the salmon one is the most traditional one in Sapa). My boyfriend went for the beef with chilli and lemongrass. 


Both portions, when they arrived were huge, and you could have easily shared the hot pot for 1 person among us both and had a great meal. At first the waitress brought us a cooker that had flames coming out of it and then put a pan full of broth on to it, and then started adding the chicken and vegetables to the broth for all these things to boil. After around 8 minutes when it was cooked (and I checked the chicken was cooked) she put some vegetables, broth and chicken into a small cup and gave it to me. It was tasty and felt healthy although it did not have any particular spices or chilli added to it. Towards the end of the meal she also asked if we wanted some noodles, and she cut open what seemed to be a packet of instant noodles, and added this to the broth. I love instant noodles, but not sure this is restaurant quality thing, and was sort of a bit let down by it, especially as I love the traditional Vietnamese rice noodles so much and would have preferred those ones and the noodles I got were wheat based. I liked my boyfriend’s beef, and as I said the portion was big, and I could taste the lemongrass, but unfortunately I could not taste any chilli, it was very bland in that sense and did not have any spice added to it.


I had a decent meal in Red Dao, it is quite memorable because of the Red Dao women serving me and because I had my first hot pot there, but had this not been the case, it would be quite an average meal. 


Date: 28/ 08/ 13

Location: Sapa, Vietnam

Price for 2 people, no alcohol: VND 415,000 (£12.7) and I left VND 3,000 service charge 

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Red Dao House Restaurant
04B Thac bac St, 1999
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