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Reina is the place to be in Istanbul if you are young, have some money to spend and are looking for a good time. Reina is an “entertainment” centre located by the Bosphorus on the European side of Istanbul, right next to the water, so some boats actually stop there and let passengers on and off. The view is great, not the best I have seen but still amazing, and you overlook some amazing buildings on the Asian side as well as the cool bridge that connects Europe and Asia and that constantly changes colour at night. There are 6 restaurants in Reina serving different types of food from Turkish to Chinese and Sushi and in the middle of the complex there is a bar and a dance floor where you go after you have had your dinner to mingle with the local Turks (and increasingly foreigners). I had my dinner in Park Samdan restaurant which serves Turkish and international food (and has the best view out of all the 6 restaurants located in Reina). whilst I had a really nice meal there, and watched the beautiful Boshorus, this was probably the least favourite of my meals during this visit to Istanbul. Park Samdan has 2 restaurants one in Reina and another one, the original, in the shopping district of Istanbul. As a starter we shared the Turkish mezze of eggplant with tomato, borak (filled pastries with cheese), peppers stuffed with rice, prawns wrapped in Angels hair, eggplant pure, and a typical Turkish dish of intestines (don’t worry we did not have much of this). I have to say none of this was really amazing, the prawn dish I had had before and this was a worse version, the eggplant pure was not as amazing as I have had in other places in Istanbul and the pastries with cheese were not great, and I usually love this dish.As a main course I ordered "yogurtly kebap" which is my absolute favourite Turkish dish, and consists of kebab meat cooked in yoghurt and served with pieces of bread in the yoghurt and some vegetables (usually some tomatoes and chilli peppers), and every time I come to Turkey I have to have this dish. Unfortunately this place let me down a bit even with this dish, and it was definitely not as nice as the one I had in Ulus 29 a few months ago when I visited Turkey. The problem with this particular "yogurtly kebap" was that it had way too much meat for the pieces of bread, and not enough vegetables and not spicy enough peppers, which you usually get. So a few little touches here and there, which made the dish much less enjoyable for me.Also the deserts were ok, but not as great as elsewhere I have had in Istanbul. Overall think this is a MMM restaurant, you don’t go to this particular Reina restaurant for the food, but for the party afterwards in Reina and for the view (hence it gets an added m)

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Ortaköy Mh. Muallim Naci Caddesi 44, 34347
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