Apr 3 2013

Restauracja Polska Rozana

Rozana is the number 1 ranked restaurant in Poland on Trip Advisor website, and I think this is because it serves delicious and presentable Polish food that Poles themselves can enjoy when they want to have traditional food in a more upscale way and also this is a perfect place to take foreigners to as they will be able to try Polish typical food in a pleasant and traditional Polish environment.


My friend Piotr chose Restauracja Polska Rozana for dinner to take me and another foreigner when we were in Warsaw. The other foreigner had already been here before, but during the summer and she was telling me how nice this place is during the summer as it has a summer terrace and there are lovely flowers and a fountain and the whole atmosphere when you eat outside is very nice, and I have seen pictures on their website of this summer atmosphere and it does look great. But I thought during the winter months this place also has charm as the décor feels very warm and welcoming and when you walk in you feel like you are in an old Polish home and there is a piano by the door which a man was playing later on during our dinner and the whole place is decorated with wonderful white flowers which must have cost them a lot and some old traditional artefacts. The tables are also all different shapes and feel old and traditional and have embroidered tablecloths and candlelight.


This restaurant is famous for its traditional Polish dumplings (pierogi, kopytka, kolduny), which none of us unfortunately ordered but if you go there, do try to have these. As a starter Piotr ordered a “Beef tenderloin tartar with homemade pickles” which looked extremely good. The meat looked great quality and I loved all the pickles you could add yourself to the beef. This is one of the best looking beef tartars I have seen. I also saw one other table later have a salmon tartar and that looked equally impressive, so if you do like tartar this place has some great ones. The restaurant is also famous for its freshly-made noodles and so for my starter I chose a “Chicken broth with homemade noodles” (you could also have the chicken broth with meat dumplings). I did enjoy the soup very much, the chicken broth was tasty and soothing and the homemade noodles were soft and thin and not too long and it was a pleasant thing to eat. For the main course Piotr ordered “Baked salmon in curlpaper served on tomato mousse”, our other dining buddy ordered a “Catfish fillet nested in spinach served on white onion and green pepper sauce” and I felt like having another soup so I ordered the “Ukrainian borsch with vegetables and beans”. I have to say this was one of the least delicious borsches I have had, it had sour cream added to it, and I think too much which made the soup very sweet and too sweet for me, and usually this soup is quite vinegary and sour, which is the way I like it. Also I did not very much like the beans in it, it is quite strange to add beans to this soup, I have never seen this, so because I did not like it too much I left quite a bit of it and only had half. The catfish looked good, it looked very traditional and nothing had been changed to the fish or the potatoes (very traditional to serve this with potatoes) to make it more creative but this is what this place is like, just traditional food cooked and presented well but to keep the spirit of Polish simple cooking with nothing fancy. Piotr’s salmon was covered with cucumbers (very typical eastern European decoration) and also looked good and traditional.


But the best thing about this restaurant was the desert trolley. The desert trolley had so many big and impressive and interesting cakes on it, that it was super cool. The trolley came to us and we chose what we wanted, and Piotr and our dinner buddy chose their traditional cake, which looked amazing, and as I did not want to eat too much I ordered a plate of strawberries which were ripe and delicious and served with a very good melted white chocolate sauce, so simple but so delicious. They also had this very tall and tempting looking chocolate cake that I vividly remember many days after being there.


I enjoyed Restauracja Polska Rozana as I like eastern European food, it reminds me of Latvian food, and it was just traditional food, that I am sure you can get for half the price in the same quality and taste in cheaper restaurants, but here you pay up for the lovely traditional environment, which I personally enjoyed very much and am happy to pay up for. But yes overall the atmosphere of the place impressed me more than the food. The food can best be described as good home cooking with some dishes that I thought were impressive like the beef tartar, chicken broth and I loved the desert trolley.


Date: 03/04/13

Price for 3 people with a glass of wine: PLN 368 and we left PLN30 service charge

Location: Warsaw

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Restauracja Polska Rozana
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