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Rocket seems to me a very women friendly type of Restaurant. There are now 4 branches of Rocket in London and I went to the one in Canary Wharf twice, mainly because the first time when I went there I ordered something which I did not like and I wanted to give them another chance, and also because I had left my camera at home so I could not take good pictures the first time I was there.

Why I say this place is women friendly is because of their menu. Their menu features main courses described as “salads” and also pizzas, and I am the perfect example of someone that sometimes wants to eat a salad and be healthy and sometimes loves to indulge in a pizza. I have not had a pizza at Rocket but apparently they are great according to reviews and also as far as I can tell from seeing the pizzas which the waiters were carrying.
I first went to Rocket with my friend Alina and I was very excited about their long and very exciting salad section. You can order “fish and chip” salad which features fish, chips and rocket, red onions, pickled vegetables and fried capers or rare beef and chip salad with vegetables, or surf and turf salad, so many sort of naughty things (like chips) described as salads. I think it is a super smart idea to do it like this, as I always want to have something salady and healthy and also something not so healthy at the same time, so you sort of get both in one of these dishes.
During my first visit I ordered the “Fish and chip salad on a bed of rocket, red onions, pickled vegetables and fried capers drizzled with a light herbed mustard dressing and accompanied by a tartar sauce”, but unfortunately I did not like the salad that much when it finally arrived. On paper it is perfect, but what I actually got was a lot of fish, even more chips and very few salad leaves, and to me this in no way qualifies as a salad. I was so disappointed as I thought salad implied this dish would have many leaves and a bit of fish and a bit of chips, but as I said it was the opposite. The salad leaves and the dressing were nice, but the chips were soggy and not great and also the fish was not very remarkable. My friend Alina asked for the “Surf and turf salad with fried prawns & baby squid, seared rare beef, cucumber, green beans radishes, tomatoes, red onions & peppers drizzled with a spicy lime, tomato & chilli salsa” and she asked for the beef to be well done, which they did. Alina really liked her dish and I am happy to say that it did look like a salad in contrary to my dish.
The second time when I went to Rocket with my friend Lasma, I ordered the same dish Alina had as it looked so good and I was not going to be tricked into having a salad with chips anymore, as I now knew it would turn out to have very little salad. I even asked the waitress about the beef and chip salad and she did admit it had very little salad in it, and a lot of chips. The surf and turf salad that I ordered, I found very nice. I liked the deep fried prawns and calamari and also the beef and I thought the portions were big and they did give you a lot of food. The dressing, the salsa and the vegetables were all very nice. Lasma ordered “Halloumi brochette with fresh tomatoes and a watermelon chutney” and we had a bit of a confusion as to what a brochette was as it looked like bruchetta, which is bread, which Lasma does not eat, but the waitress explained that “brochette” just means food cooked on a skewer, and Lasma very much enjoyed this dish.
I do think that the salads and the dishes that they get right are very good, I just wish they would not have this misleading term of calling every dish a salad, when they are not, so people like me get disappointed.
Date: 30/ 07/ 13
Location: Canary Wharf
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £39.38 (but the waitress took £40 from our credit cards when we wanted to pay, not £39.38)

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