Aug 15 2014

Rockfish Grill & Seafood Market

The Rockfish Grill and Seafood Market is a seafood and fish restaurant in Bristol owned by the celebrity chef Mitch Tonks. He also owns the restaurants “Rockfish” in Devon (Dartmouth, Plymouth, Torquay) which are very similar but slightly more casual. The Rockfish Grill and Seafood Market specialized in fresh seafood and quality meat cooked over charcoal burning fire. Their main aim is to get as fresh seafood as possible and they get their fish daily, mainly from fisheries in the South West of England. Rockfish restaurants actually have a saying written on their wall, “Tomorrow’s fish are still in the sea” which I found very funny and great.

We had booked a table for 7.30, but as we were driving from London and running late we called them and asked for our table to be moved to 8pm which they willingly did. When we arrived shortly after 8pm the restaurant was almost completely full and it was buzzing. I expected it to be more casual and was actually surprised by the white tablecloths, it was not too formal though. There was an open kitchen on one side of the room and through the glass windows you could watch chefs cook and use the Jasper oven to cook fish.

The menu looked amazing and was divided into antipasti, starters, main courses and sides. The antipasti that immediately caught my attention were the “anchovies marinated in lemon” (£3.5) so we ordered this and a starter to share, the “lobster salad with dill and lemon” (£9.90). We had to wait a long time for the starters to arrive and there were only two waitresses in the whole room and they could not help quickly enough all the customers. They once forgot to bring us our water as well. But the good thing is that they did realize the wait was very long and so gave us another antipasti for free “roasted peppers with garlic and chilli” (£3). As I ate the anchovy and the roasted peppers antipasti I was telling my boyfriend that if I would give ratings for antipasti only this would be 5Ms. I loved both. The anchovies were the best I have had, not too overpowering in the taste, just right and the roasted peppers were delicious. My boyfriend loved the lobster salad, the lobster was very fresh. I was not too keen on the particular greens used in the salad, but my boyfriend thought it was amazing. We also had very delicious bread with a fish dip to eat with these starters which I finished way too quickly as it was so good.

We decided to share a main course and we ordered the “seafood mixed grill to share” which included monkfish, brill, silver mullet and scallops for £48 for 2 people. To go with this we chose the “sweetcorn with lemon and chilli butter” (£3) and marsh samphire (£3) sides, as well as the salad of San Marzano tomatoes, capers and oregano (£3.50). The mixed grill was delicious covered in this oil and lovely tomato salsa. All the fish tasted amazing and I loved their scallops. I am usually not the biggest fan of scallops, but these were absolutely amazing. I could not have enough. Out of the fish I slightly preferred the brill and monkfish, but all were good. The sweetcorn had a lot of butter in it, but it was very delicious due to this. I also very much liked their tomato salad, so many places get this simple dish so wrong and here it was perfect. The samphire was nice too. We had to wait a long time for our main courses as well but the waiters told us we did not have to pay for all the water we ordered due to this, a lovely gesture.

I had a very good meal at the Rockfish Grill and Seafood Market. If I lived in Bristol, I would be coming back for more. The food was very well prepared, delicious, the menu was creative and not just plain seafood, with unusual twists, but also not overly complicated, just right.

Date: 15/ 08/ 14
Location: Bristol (but also in other cities)
Price for 2 people with some alcohol and service charge: £82.30

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Rockfish Grill & Seafood Market
128 Whiteladies Road BS8 2
United Kingdom
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