Aug 10 2014

Rosa’s Thai Café


Rosa’s Thai Café is a Thai restaurant with 4 branches across London. I went there on a Sunday afternoon to their Soho branch for a late lunch/ early dinner and the reason why I chose this place and not another Thai/ Vietnamese restaurant in Soho was because this was the only place open. The restaurant in Soho is very small and so you sit quite close next to each other, but what I did like is that it was quite full and so it felt quite lively.

The menu at Rosa’s Thai Café is extensive and you will have problems choosing what to eat. They have salads, starters, noodle and spaghetti dishes (alarm bells start ringing when I see spaghetti dishes in a Thai restaurant), soups, char grilled dishes, stir fries, curries and vegetable dishes. I chose things that I normally order in a Thai restaurant, the tom yum soup with seafood (you could also have a vegetarian or a meat one) and papaya salad “made the Rosa’s way with dried shrimp, long beans, chilli, cherry tomatoes and cashew nuts”. My soup was inedible and such a disappointment to me. I love tom yum soup and always look forward to eating it and here it was too salty, you just could not eat it, it was like a packet of salt fell into the soup and they just served it like this. I love salt but I could not eat this. The papaya salad was good with the traditional dressing. Although I started thinking at this point that the food was expensive as the salad cost £11.50 and the soup £7.50 and the portions were small.

My boyfriend ordered pad thai or rice noodles with egg, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, spring onions and he chose it with chicken (you could also have it with prawns or vegetables and tofu). The taste was ok but they had used the really thin noodles and I have never seen pad thai made with any other noodles than the thick big flat rice noodles, I found this strange and I thought the small noodles really impacted how you view the dish. I can even hope they were rice and not egg noodles. We also ordered a venison red curry with red curry sauce, coconut milk, eggplant, galangal and sweet basil leaves, another small portion for £12. I did actually like this curry a lot, sauce was delicious and definitely tasted authentic but it was not cheap.

The tom yum soup and the wrong pad thai noodles and the higher, than you would expect for such a casual place, prices lead me to give Rosa’s Thai Café 2.5Ms. We paid £51.09 and did not have alcohol and were not even that full after our meal. I guess £51.09 is not that expensive but for such a casual Thai place with small portions you would expect the bill to be less.

Date: 10/08/14
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £51.09
Location: Soho (but other branches exist)

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Rosa’s Thai Café
48 Dean Street W1D 5BF
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