Oct 5 2012

Rosebud Steakhouse


Rosebud steakhouse is a great, typical American steakhouse in Chicago. Everything is massive and delicious and cheese is added to any dish that they can think of. They say they are “a rare steakhouse, well done”, which I think is a great play on words.

I went to Rosebud Steakhouse, located just off the expensive Michigan Avenue which is the Chicago version of New York’s 5th avenue, on a Friday evening and it was buzzing and vibrant, with no free tables. Another funny thing about Rosebud Steakhouse is that they emphasize on their website their place is the perfect place for celebrities and VIPs, which probably is great PR, as many people want to go there just to see celebrities, which I doubt happen to be there too often.

The platter of bread they brought us was excellent, although quite typical in American restaurants and had all sorts of breads and crackers there. I especially loved the cheese cracker and the onion bread, both delicious. I was in Rosebud Steakhouse with a huge group of people that were all loading up on carbs as they were running the Chicago marathon in 2 days, and embarrassingly I was the only person not running but eating a similar amount of food to the runners.

The menu is impressive and features all the American classics you would expect to find there. My boyfriend ordered the “mini burgers” to start with and even though it was supposed to be a starter, the burgers were the size of half a normal burger in UK, and he got 3 of them, so this starter was bigger than a main course at Byron. I had one of these burgers and they were superbly delicious, a real guilty pleasure. I had the “colossal shrimp cocktail” and the name did not lie, the shrimps were absolutely humongous and some of the biggest shrimps I have ever attempted to eat. I ate 2 and felt so full, and after eating 3 of these and one of those mini burgers I was stuffed and ready to go to bed (especially as it was already 3am London time). You can also see in the pictures some of the other starters my friends had, the “sticky ribs”, the “beets and blue” salad as well as the “house salad”. All these things looked great, and had I had more room in my stomach, I would have asked to try them.

After feeling absolutely full we received our main courses. I had not ordered much, just the “beefsteak tomato and red onion” salad, which turned out to be huge tomatos and onions (I always thought Peter Luger in NY was unique in serving huge tomatoes, and here I could see it as well). The salad was good, and went well with a piece of my boyfriend’s steak that I borrowed, that you can see in the picture. In the pictures you can also see other things that my friends ordered including, other pieces of steak, chicken and sides such as mashed potatos, a huge baked potato and spinach and broccoli. The things that I did try all were great.

I very much enjoyed Rosebud Steakhouse, it is a very good and very typical American steak restaurant that is not going to leave you hungry.

Location: Chicago
Date: 05/10/12

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Rosebud Steakhouse
192 E Walton Street, IL 60611
United States
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