Sep 19 2014

Roti Chai - restaurant


Roti Chai is an Indian restaurant just north of Selfridges. The restaurant is split into two parts, the upstairs bit (which I have already reviewed, MMM) which serves casual Indian street food and a downstairs restaurant, which I now visited. The downstairs restaurant can best be described as a cheaper Amaya. Amaya is one of my favourite Indian restaurants in London and as opposed to focusing on cheap and cheerful oily curries it uses spices to infuse food without the oil and does considerably less curries. Roti Chai is very similar to this but cheaper and the food is very tasty, infused with a lot of spices and not oily.

The dining room, as opposes to the casual street food bit, is darker and more romantic and a lot of fun. I came here on a Friday evening and there were so many birthday parties going on and in general everyone was having a great time.

We ordered two starters to share a tandoori chicken and a lamb kebab. Both were served with a coriander sauce. The chicken was delicious, still moist and not overcooked and just wonderfully spiced in Indian spices and so full of flavor. My boyfriend spent ages trying to get all the meat off the bones not to leave any, it was that good. The lamb kebab was a very good lamb kebab, but I personally preferred the chicken. Starters cost £7 on average and besides these two also feature more traditional and also more unusual (at least for me) dishes.

The main courses were £15 on average and I ordered a pork belly in vindaloo sauce served with small potatoes. The vindaloo sauce was delicious, maybe not as hot as the vindaloo sauces in smaller/ cheaper Indian restaurants but also with no oil, just a different texture and taste. The pork belly was delicious although a bit too fatty for me. I loved the taste of my boyfriend’s prawn curry he ordered. I did not like the fact the prawns were deep fried before added to the curry sauce but the sauce was absolutely delicious, a lot of flavor and different to the oily Indian curries we usually get. We also ordered some rice, spring greens and raita as sides. The spring greens were excellent, topped with fried onions but tender and tasty and the raita was quite nice too. The other side dish that caught my attention was naan bread with orange zest, which I thought was very creative.

If you want a bit more upscale Indian food, full of flavor but less fatty than in traditional Indian restaurants, Roti Chai is for you. It is not as good as Amaya in my view, but much cheaper. I personally liked the downstairs restaurant of Roti Chai more than I liked the upstairs street food part.

Date: 19/ 09/ 14
Location: Marylebone
Price for 2 people, no alcohol: 73.35

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Roti Chai - restaurant
3 Portman Mews W1H 6HS
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