Nov 3 2012

Royal China


I have been going to Royal China for years and if you want good quality Chinese food, this is a great place to go to, as you don’t need to book like some other more posh Chinese restaurants and it serves slightly better food than the average Chinese restaurant in China Town. Royal China has 5 branches now, one in canary wharf, one in Bayswater, one in Fulham, one in Harrow on the Hill and one on Baker street which I visited. Although I said you don’t need to book this place it gets seriously busy during weekend lunch time and you usually need to wait for at least 30 minutes if you come after 1 pm, but it is so popular because it is just a wonderful lunch place and I have been there with many different people on many different occasions. Don’t expect anything amazing, just good, decent value for money Chinese food. The décor is nice, there is only one (but extremely big ) room in the Baker Street Royal China branch and you see staff constantly running from one side to the other serving customers. It is a very cozy room though. You get a few menus you can chose from, the original one and also a dim sum menu and a special dim sum menu, so the choice of the dishes you can have is quite large. On this occasion when I went for Saturday lunch, I had a hot and sour soup, which always is great there and which I love, although on this particular occasion it lacked vinegar (the sour bit in hot and sour) but they were kind enough to bring me vinegar when I asked for it, so I could adjust the soup myself. We also had the steamed pork buns, which my boyfriend goes crazy for when he sees, although I am not the biggest fan, but they were as nice as you can get them anywhere. We also had the meat balls (clearly this is a man choosing these dishes as the dishes we had on this occasion were meaty and all quite similar), which I thought were extremely oily and I also did not like too much. After the dim sum, we had a quarter of the crispy aromatic duck served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce and cucumbers, and I was actually here a bit disappointed as they served the cheap pancakes that break when you fold them (more expensive restaurants like Min Jiang and Kai serve slightly different pancakes that are more resistant when you fold them), but I am just being super picky there and I am sure most people would not care or even notice, and the duck was nice and good quality, not the best duck I have had, but again I am just being extremely picky here.  We also had beef with big thin noodles and my boyfriend had ordered this dish as he liked the way it looked in the pictures of the dim sum menu. We did not realise the beef in the picture was going to come with the noodles so by mistake we ordered some vegetable fried rice as well which turned out to be of course a big mistake as there was a lot of noodles and rice on our table, and it is a bit sad the waiter did not warn us about it. The beef and noodle dish was nice, I did think the beef was delicious as were the noodles. The rice was good too, but as it was too much for us we had to get 2/3 of the rice in a doggy bag to take home with us. For a casual, not a special occasion, Chinese meal I thoroughly recommend Royal China as it is not an expensive restaurant and gives you a great meal, the service is also very good (as there are so many people working there), and I have always had a great time there and keep coming back.


Price for 2 including service charge, no alcohol: £56.27

Location: Baker Street (but other branches also in London)

Date: 03/ 11/ 12

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Royal China
40-42 Baker Street W1U 7AJ
United Kingdom
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