Aug 5 2014

Royal China Club


Royal China Club is a sister restaurant to Royal China and the more upscale restaurant. It is located on Baker Street, close to a Royal China restaurant. The inside is a bit nicer than Royal China restaurants but not too much different. I came here on a Monday evening with some of my school friends for dinner and I was surprised to see it get very busy, as I would not expect that on a Monday and you definitely have to book a table here.

My friend Tiffany did all the ordering and we shared the food. The menu was different to the menu in Royal China and had more premium ingredients like lobster, veal and other premium meat and fish. The table next to us was having this amazing lobster and noodle dish with spring onions and ginger and we ordered that to share among the 5 of us. It was amazing. The lobster was delicious, the noodles slightly sticky and very good. It was such a big dish, we could not finish the whole thing and had to get a doggy bag. Tiffany also ordered a steamed sea bass with spring onions and ginger which was equally good, the fish was amazing quality and made so delicious with the sauce. I always say that I really like having steamed fish in Asian restaurants as they make it so good.

The other dishes we had were lamb chops, very succulent and soft, deep fried squid with salt, very nice although not my favourite deep fried squid, steamed vegetables and pork with aubergine, a superbly delicious dish. I love pork and aubergine dishes in Chinese restaurants and this was one of the best I have had, full of flavour and ingredients and just very skilfully cooked.

You would think Royal China Club would cost a lot more than a normal Royal China restaurant, but it did not. We paid £40 per person and had luxury ingredients and an amazing meal and even had some food left over to take home with us. I actually think it is so worth it coming here and having better food that will cost you more but not a lot more and you can feel the difference. I once paid £70 for a very average meal in Phoenix Palace (another Chinese restaurant by Baker Street) and these meals were incomparable. Also Royal China Club offers an extensive Chinese Tea menu from the very best of China and Taiwan, although I did not really try any of these special tees on this occasion. Having said this I think upscale Chinese restaurants Bright Courtyard and Min Jiang are slightly better than Royal China Club.

Date: 05/ 08/ 14
Location: Baker Street
Price per person we paid: £40

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Royal China Club
40-42 Baker Street W1U 7AJ
United Kingdom
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