May 24 2012

Sakana Tei


I don’t think my review does this restaurant justice and I actually advise you to look at the reviews for this restaurant that some of my fellow food bloggers have done, and you will have my sort of experience only if you don’t know anything much about this restaurant. The point of this restaurant, is that they have an amazing menu in Japanese and you need to speak to the owner or his wife and let them help you order food, then they will bring you some amazing things. Ordering from the menu they give you in English all the usual things just wont do this restaurant justice, but that is exactly what I did. So don’t do what I did, go there and engage with the people and let them help you.


I went to Sakana Tei as two of my friends independently had told me I had to go there and it was very good. The restaurant is located in Mayfair, in front of the much more popular restaurant Sketch, and sort of hidden, not obvious, so you may actually have walked past it a few times and not know it is there. I went there for a catch up dinner with my friend Kristine and my boyfriend. 


I thought the menu was creative and interesting (and I did not even see the Japanese menu, so that I am sure would be even more amazing), but there is not much of a décor/ ambience here, so you definitely come here for the food. You can see in the pictures the dishes that we ordered and some of them I thought were excellent, in general I thought the quality of fish was great, so I loved all the sushi and sashimi. However I was less keen on the gyozas and tempuras, however I have ever since read that the people that love this place come here and don’t have the obvious things, which is what I had, and have truly special Japanese creations. 


Go there, speak to the owners, and have a great meal, which I did not have, but which I plan to have in the near future.


Date: 24/ 05/ 12

Location: Mayfair

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Sakana Tei
11 Maddox Street, W1S 2QF
United Kingdom
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