Jun 14 2014

Salvation in Noodles


Salvation in Noodles (or SIN as they like to call themselves) is a Vietnamese restaurant in Hackney. They have a question written on the wall “have you SINed today”. As my boyfriend and I love Vietnamese food, we decided to try out this place on a Saturday evening. The place is not located next to any tube stations and required a 15min walk from Hackney station. The inside is plain, but what you would expect from a casual Vietnamese restaurant. The restaurant was quite full when we arrived and when we left, however from the name I thought it would be a more fun and a bit “cooler” place.

The menu divides its dishes into social food (meant for sharing, sort of like starters but some of them quite big), hot noodles and cold noodles and has your typical Vietnamese dishes you would expect to see here as well as dishes that are clearly Vietnamese with all the right ingredients but which I have not seen before. First thing we ordered were the “Goi Cuon” or Vietnamese summer rolls and we chose to have them with pork belly and prawns, very typical (you could also have them with tofu). They were tasty but I remember thinking they were extremely poorly folded. When I was in Vietnam I learnt how to make them and the key was to fold them tightly so no ingredients would fall out but these were loose. But they did have the right ingredients and taste. We also ordered “Goi Ngo Sen” or pickled lotus stems, carrot, daikon, prawns, pork belly and garnished with peanuts and fried shallots, but they almost forgot this dish and we had to remind them at the end when they had brought us all the remaining food that we were still waiting for this dish. I really enjoyed it, have not had anything like this before, loved the flavor and especially the pickled lotus stem.

From the hot noodle section we went for Bun Bo Hue, the spicy soup from the city Hue, with beef brisket, pork in a hot and spicy lemongrass soup. I liked it, it was sort of like it should be. You could also have the typical Pho soup with beef or chicken and some other soups. From the cold noodle section we chose “Bun BO La Lot” or beef in betel leaf, very nice and fragrant and how this dish should taste.

There was only one waiter for the whole room, so service at times was a bit slower than it should be, although he did a great job servicing so many tables. The other noticeable thing about Salvation in Noodles was that the food was slightly cheaper than in central Vietnamese restaurants and it may be because SIN is located in Hackney. We paid £41 for a very good meal and felt absolutely full, which I think is great value for money. Having said this I still prefer Cay Tre in Soho for Vietnamese food.

Date: 14th June
Price for 2 people, a few beers and service charge: £41.06
Location: Hackney

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Salvation in Noodles
122 Balls Pond Road N1 4AE
United Kingdom
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