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For some reason Amazon has started sending me various offers (restaurant, spa, experience) to my email and one of these offers that I got offered me to go to Sandy’s to have 2 pizzas and 2 glasses of wine for £16. I had never heard of Sandy’s and as it was quite close to where I live I decided to try it out and use this offer when my stepdad and his colleague were in London.

Sandy’s is a Corsican Pizzeria. As a reminder, Corsica is French island in the Mediterranean Sea, located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia, and the food in Corsica is a fusion of French and Italian cuisines, due to its close geographical positions with the two countries. Sandy’s is the first established Corsican restaurant in the UK. Apparently Sandy’s has a no reservations policy, or so I read, but I read this after my visit and after I had called them and booked a table for a Monday evening for dinner, so this is a bit misleading.

Sandy’s is located in Portman Village, in between Marylebone, Mayfair and Edgware road. We went there for dinner on a Monday and it was quite empty, as restaurants on Mondays can be. I very much enjoyed the décor in Sandy’s though, it had a rustic feel to it, you could either sit on red leather couches or dark wooden chairs, there were pictures on the walls and the tables were located close to each other creating that cosy feeling (the restaurant only seats 36 people inside and 8 people outside during the summer).

The menu is quite limited and if you don’t want a pizza there is not much else on the menu. The menu has a lot of different pizzas, some starters like bresaola, Prosciutto and some salads, and there are also daily specials. When we went there, there was only one main course that was not a pizza, a Chicken Millenese, which my stepdad Juergen ordered as his main course as he did not want a pizza. We ordered some olives to share, which were a bit spicy, small, but quite nice. Juergen was the only person that ordered a starter and he ordered one of the specials, which was a cabbage soup and which had leeks, cabbage, potatoes, parsley and tomato. He seemed to like the soup.

For my main course I ordered a pizza called “Piccante’ which had Tomato, gruyere, chorizo, red peppers and green chilli. I was actually not that impressed with the pizzas on the menu and none of them felt particularly interesting, I could not feel any Corsican touch at all, the only maybe interesting thing was that most of the pizzas had gruyere cheese as opposed to mozzarella or any other type of cheese. My pizza was ok and better than my boyfriend’s pizza but not amazing. It had a lot of gruyere cheese on it, and it felt super cheesy when you were eating it but apart from the cheese it did not feel like they were being particularly generous with the toppings even though the pizza cost £11.95 (pizzas in Sandy’s range from £9 to £13.95). My boyfriend’s pizza was even worse, he had ordered “Habibi” which had Tomato, gruyere, merguez (Hallal Lamb & beef sausage) and there was super little sausage on the pizza. It was almost a bit embarrassing and strange to have just pizza with cheese and a tiny few pieces of sausage, even cheap Dominos Pizza probably give you more topping. It was also super over cheesed and bread and cheese were the only real things you could taste. It was quite thin as a pizza which I did like, but the pizzas were not big and definitely not as big as the pizzas in Pizza Express which are cheaper, and in my view better.

My friend Vaiva ordered pizza called “Reine Blanche” which had Creme fraiche, gruyere, ham, mushrooms and olives and which you can also see in the pictures. She thought the same as me and my boyfriend, that it was an ok pizza but nothing amazing, quite an average pizza. As I said, Juergen had ordered a chicken milanaise, which was breaded chicken served with potatos and green beans and Juergen really enjoyed it. I tried some of the chicken and it was quite nice, moist and tasty.

We did not have any deserts, but the desert menu was not much better and featured extremely traditional and not too full of creativity things like “American cookie ice cream” and “Hot chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream”, but there was one traditional Corsican desert, “U Fiadone (cheesecake, honey and rosemary ice cream)” but we did not try any of the deserts so I can’t comment on them really.

Overall there was nothing special about the pizzas that would make me want to go back to Sandy’s, but the atmosphere and the inside of the restaurant are actually quite pleasant.

Date: 02/ 12/ 13
Location: Marylebone
Price for 4 people: £55.55

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