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Sanremo is an Italian restaurant in Moscow. I went there for lunch with my friends Brunella and Mark in between some meetings. The restaurant from the outside does not look like much, if I was walking past it the sign and how it looks from the outside would not tempt me at all, but as my Moscow colleagues had booked this for me, we went there.
The restaurant is divided into two parts, downstairs the ground floor which is more casual with couches (which were dirty and therefore which I did not really enjoy) and upstairs, the first floor where the interior is less casual and which apparently is more suited for business meetings. The menu is Italian and they apparently import the hand made flour from Italy that they use for pizza and pasta, and they don’t use any semi-products. The main chef is Jacob Zeitlin, and sometimes he mixes Italian flavours with Middle Eastern or South Asian to create dishes, like the Thai pizza. The menu is extensive with many pages of starters, fish main courses, meat main courses, pizzas, soups and pastas.

As a starter I chose a vegetable salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, radish and peppers. It did not have any sauces, spices added to it, but the waitress did bring some salt and pepper as well as olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Very plain salad, in my view an Italian restaurant should try a bit harder and make some sort of an effort as this sort of a salad could be served in a canteen. Mark ordered broccoli and spinach cream soup and it also did not really have any taste to it, so he had to add salt to it, but he thought it was ok. Brunella ordered the tartar Trio, which had three different tartars of tuna, scallops and salmon and which was served with lettuce and small bruschettas with topping. It looked quite nice but once again Brunella said they had not really added any salt or anything to it, so it felt a bit plain and she did not finish the whole plate.
For my main course I ordered a whole dorada fish fried and served with asparagus wrapped in bacon and a cream- saffron sauce. I actually very much enjoyed this dish. The fish was good, the sauce extremely unhealthy but delicious and went well with the fish and the asparagus and bacon were quite nice too. Brunella ordered “Tender duck breast baked with thyme and garlic, served with sweet potato puree and mushroom and spinach sauté” and she did not really like it and Mark commented how it looked like the duck had been cut into pieces and only then fried and it seemed like it had been cooked a while ago as well, I tried it and thought it was ok not amazing. Mark had pasta with tomatoes which he thought was quite average.
I know what they were trying to do with the dishes, but most of the time they were not actually that successful, and they are trying to be a good Italian restaurant and in my view being quite average, and the dirty sofas are not helping.
Date: 02/ 10/ 13
Location: Moscow
Price for 3 people, no alcohol: RUB 5780

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