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Sans is an upscale Turkish/ Mediterranean restaurant in Istanbul in the business district of Levent, located in a historic villa. Sans opened in 1992 and in 2001 it became a member of Chaines des Rotisseurs. It is open for lunch and for dinner. Main chef is Ali Ekber Sarıgül who updates some of the menu every 2 months (bestselling dishes are always on the menu).


I came to Sans during lunch and it was surprisingly empty, only a few people were there. The restaurant is big, outside in the garden and inside you can seat up to 120 people. The décor was pleasant, but nothing too memorable, sort of standard for an upscale Istanbul restaurant. The menu was not too traditional and did not have those typical Turkish dishes that I am used to seeing on the menu, it was a more modern Turkish menu. I was in the mood for a vegetable salad, so I ordered as my starter a mixed salad. The portion was big and it was good but not too creative, just a good big salad. The other starter of “Crispy artichoke carpaccio, aragula, avocado and sun dried tomato sauce” seemed much better and was quite an impressive plate of food.


The best main course that two of my friends ordered which looked amazing, was “Slow cooked beef rib, lemon risotto, pomegranate reduction”. Jealousy was running through me as I watched my two friends eat this amazing dish, the meat just was tender and fell of a bone and looked so good together with a risotto. If I am ever coming back to this place I am ordering this dish (I have taken a sideways picture of this dish which does not do it justice). I was not felling too hungry as I had had a huge cheese sandwich (Turkish cheese) for breakfast and so I ordered a “Beef carpaccio, Aragula, Parmesan Cheese” which was good (once again a big portion) although it felt like something was missing a bit. Another one of my friends ordered “Black trumpet and porcini mushroom risotto” which he enjoyed (but also had a beef shin dish envy) and another one went for ravioli with tomato sauce filled with cheese which I have not taken a picture of.


I also ordered a mango and a rose sorbet and both were good, a bit more like ice cream than sorbet but interesting to see a rose one on the menu. This is not my favourite place in Istanbul for lunch but Sans serves good food.


Date: 10/ 04/ 14

Location: Istanbul

Price: I don’t know, did not pay

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Haci Adil Cad. Palmiye Sokak No:1, Levent
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