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One of my best friends Kristine has a flat next to Santini so I have been walking past this restaurant for more than 10 years and have always wanted to go there, but up to this point have never really had an opportunity, so I was very excited when my friend Toby suggested we go there for lunch. Santini is located on the corner of Ebury street, and this restaurant also has branches in Edinburgh and Milan. Gino Santini established Santini in 1984, and Santini serves Italian food with a strong Venetian Accent. The restaurant also has a nice outside veranda where you can eat food (Ebury Street is nice and quiet so it is a pleasure to eat outside there and there won't be too many people staring in your plate), but on this occasion we sat in the main restaurant inside (as it is winter and cold), and the dining room is very bright and pleasant. As a starter Toby ordered bresaola (thinly sliced cured beef), and Shannon and I had the carpaccio of Scottish beef served with rocket, parmesan and mustard dressing. Toby's bresaola looked like good quality beef, but it was extremely plain decorated with only a lemon (the waiter did pour some olive oil over it, but still), and I always don't know how to look and review these dishes, as the skill of putting bresaola on a plate is zero, and yes it is very good quality, but you can buy that yourself these days in many London shops. My carpaccio also was not the best carpaccio I have had, and it was also very plain with just the beef (which was very nice), rocket leaves and these huge chunks of parmesan cheese, the mustard dressing was nice but I would have loved more of it, and you could not taste it too much. And overall the carpaccio whilst it was good and delicious lacked that extra special something to justify £19 that you had to pay for it. £19 can easily these days pay for a lunch menu in a good restaurant. For my main course I had the pappardelle salsa cruda pasta that had home-made pasta ribbons with chopped raw tomato, olives, capers and fresh basil. I did enjoy the pasta very much, I loved how fresh it was and you could definitely feel it was home-made and soft and delicious, and I did like the strong flavoured olives and capers that went with it. Shannon had the partridge that was a special on the menu, and it was delicious and tasted very soft, and Toby had the paste e fagiole soup which is the traditional bean and pasta soup, real comfort food. We did not order any desert, but the waiters brought us these nice Italian fried biscuits with some powder sugar on top of them. I liked Santini, it serves good and well prepared food, but it is expensive for what it serves, and I do think you can find cheaper and also better Italian restaurants in London.

Date: 23/11/12
Location: Victoria
Price for 3, no alcohol, with service charge: £161.31

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29 Ebury Street Belgravia SW1W 0NZ
United Kingdom
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