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I love Scalini, and have been going there for years. I can’t remember when I first went to Scalini, it was probably my friend Baiba who showed me this place, but I have been going there for about 8 years now, and they always deliver a great Italian meal in a very cosy and traditional Italian atmosphere. Scalini is located in between Knightsbridge and South Kensington and it is a welcoming blue building from the outside. Once you go inside Scalini has a few rooms, 2 on the ground floor and one upstairs, but they fill up the first floor before they would move you upstairs, and downstairs is where you really want to sit. The rooms downstairs are bright and tables are located quite close together, which creates a chatter background noise when you eat your meal, which is very pleasant. The two main managers of the place Mario and Valerio are Italian and they are bound to approach your table and tell you the specials on their menu as well as to bring you complimentary large olives as well as toasted cut into pieces baguette bread and a tomatoe and herb salsa that you can add to the baguette, and I absolutely loves these two things they bring, and usually have had a meal before I even start ordering my food. These are probably the nicest freebies of food you can get in a London restaurant. I went there with 3 of my good Latvian girlfriends, and when we ordered some wine Mario came over and explained that one of the specials they had on that day was wild porcini mushrooms, which 3 of us decided to have. They were cooked nicely with butter and herbs and served on some rocket salad. There was nothing complicated just very nice simple and at the same time bold flavours. Baiba had a mozzarella and cherry tomatoe and some toasted bread starter, and she finished it, enjoyed it and it looked nicely presented. As a main course 3 of us (different girls this time) had the spaghetti lobster which they also say is a special on the menu, but the interesting thing is that it is always on the menu, which I guess does not really make it a special. But it is kind of cool as the people that know about it (or have been told) most likely will order this thing, and it is like the worst kept secret they serve this, but people love to know this bit of fact, and when I speak to people about Scalini they always ask me if I know they serve the best spaghetti lobster in London. I have always loved their spaghetti lobster and think it is the best I have ever had, and that is mainly because they give you so much lobster, they gave you a whole lobster and a delicious spaghetti and a tomatoe sauce on top of it, and it always feel like the proportion is 1:1 lobster to spaghetti which does not happen in other restaurants. I always have problems finishing the whole lobster which tells you how much they put in. My friend Lasma had another special for the day which was lamb with port and red currant sauce, and it looked tempting. We did not order any deserts but that is also because I know that after the meal they bring you more freebies, 2 different types of Italian traditional amaretti cookies wrapped in big paper, and these are delicious and an amazing end to a meal. I always have such a great time when I go to Scalini, I love the atmosphere, people chatting around you, the Italians Mario and Valerio offering advice in terms of what you should order and just being lovely in general, and I love the food there. This is probably if not my favourite, definitely my top 3 favourite Italian restaurant in London.

Date: 13/ 10/ 12
Price for 4 including a bottle of wine and service charge: £316
Location: Knightsbridge

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