Mar 30 2013

Scandinavian Kitchen


My boyfriend and I were meeting our architect Fred for a meeting to discuss the changes we are making to our flat and after the formal meeting we decided to get some food. We wanted to go to the Riding House Café first, but when we arrived there on Saturday at 11.30 all the tables had been taken and the waiting time was 1h, and as we did not want to wait, we continued walking on the same street hoping to find something equally good. A few meters further down from Riding House Café one of us spotted the Scandinavian Kitchen which looked nice and bright (in red) from the outside and as I had read a lot about it and as my Finnish friend Risto said it was one of his favourite places in London, I decided to get everyone in there and try it out.

The inside of the café is very cozy. There is a counter where you can see already made small very typical Scandinavian sandwiches and salads (the type you can see in any Scandinavian café or in an airport in these countries) and you can also have some warmer dishes, like the Swedish meatballs. There is also a shop at the back of the café where different types of Scandinavian typical food is laid out and which I thought was brilliant and had many things I wanted to buy. The place is very cute, decorated with Scandinavian flags.

I chose a cheese sandwich, a salmon sandwich and a pickled cabbage salad which was intriguingly called “pizza salad” and which for some quite unexplained reason actually tasted like pizza. The food I chose was quite simple, but delicious and I just love these Scandinavian flavours after having lived in Stockholm for 3 months. I also chose a plate of meatballs which were good, not great, but for the price they cost good value for money. You can also see in the pictures the different salads and sandwiches my boyfriend and Fred chose, and they were all typical and they really enjoyed them.

If you are from Scandinavia and miss home this is a good place to go to for a casual meal. Don’t expect much, but the atmosphere is good, the food is good (and much cheaper than in Scandinavia, which is quite expensive these days) and also I loved the shop at the back of the cafe.

Date: 30/03/13
Price for 3 people, no alcohol, no service charge: £37
Location: Fitzrovia

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Scandinavian Kitchen
61 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7PP
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