Aug 22 2014

Sea Satin Market


Sea Satin Market restaurant is the restaurant part of the Caprice venture in Mykonos (they also have a bar). Sea Satin Market is located in one of the most, if not the most, beautiful locations in Mykonos town, the tables are so close to the beautiful Aegean sea, you almost feel like you are eating on the sea. Sea Satin Market is an upmarket Greek tavern restaurant that I visited on a Friday night, for my friend’s pre-wedding party.

Sea Satin Market has that beautiful Greek tavern look, with white tables and chairs. The menu of Sea Satin Market focuses on fresh fish and seafood (but they also have steak for meat lovers), and you can watch a fish of your choice being grilled on the open fire grills, which is what we did. We did not choose our dishes, as we were there as part of a big party and so we had a set menu, but the dishes were wonderful.

We were given beautiful olive oil bread and 2 salads, one with feta cheese and another one with another type of Greek cheese. I seriously loved the feta cheese salad, the freshness of the vegetables and cheese was great, you can’t get such a salad in London, despite how hard you look. My personal favourite dish was the marinated anchovy dish, the anchovies were amazing. So moorish, I had more than the other people, I just kept eating them.

Next came the fried starters, and we had some rosemary chips, delicious, as well as fried calamari, served with lemon, which despite the batter had that delicious fresh calamari taste once you bit into it. We were at this point also served a huge fish on a glass plate that was grilled on the open fire. It was served with boiled vegetables that were farmed locally, in their Myconian gardens and flavoured with sea salt from the saltpits of Mani in Peloponnese. The fish was beautiful, meaty and still moist, and they had done a great job of serving all this food that was cooked so well, despite having to do this at the same time for so many people.

Other signature dishes are their home made taramasalata, the Greek dip made from salted and cured roe, which we did try and which was lovely, and a dessert of “loukoumades” (fried honey puffs) served with honey and ice cream, which was a delicious dessert.

The atmosphere was fun at Sea Satin Market, there was music playing, people were having fun, and apparently this place turns into a nightclub and people start dancing on the tables after a certain time at night. It happened to us, as we were there in a huge party, but also apparently it happens every night.

When I am next in Mykonos, I will come back here, for the second to none location and the delicious fresh Greek food.

Date: 22/ 08/ 14
Location: Mykonos, Greece
Price: I don’t know, I did not pay

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Sea Satin Market
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