Jun 21 2013

Seafood Bar

Caviar House & Prunier is a shop that sells expensive caviar and salmon and is located in various countries in Europe, including UK, France, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands, and besides the shop they also have a Seafood Bar, which sells this expensive produce in small light meals, which you probably have seen, if you have traveled outside one of the main airports in UK, as it is located in almost all the airports and terminals. In UK, they also have a seafood bar in Harrods and on Picadilly avenue next to the Ritz. I first came across the Seafood Bar many years ago when I was travelling from London back to Riga and I remember one time in Gatwick airport when my friend Kristine’s dad took us both to eat there and it felt like a very special occasion. When I stared working and making more money I started visiting this place more often, as it just feels like such a treat to go there and eat some amazing quality seafood, sometimes with a glass of wine or champagne before your flight.

My boyfriend does not like this place and when we are traveling together I can never get him to go to the Seafood bar with me, but on a certain Friday when both of us were flying to Latvia, I did succeed in dragging him there, even though he said he did not want to eat anything and would just go there and sit with me. As I mentioned, usually the Seafood bar has a small shop next to it where you can buy caviar, salmon, chocolate, tea and some other food items, but as they are redecorating the south terminal of Gatwick airport, they don’t have a shop and you only have the Seafood Bar. The look of these places is always the same, the tall bar stools and a communal table/ bar is situated in a round/ oval shape around the middle where the staff prepare the wonderful seafood.

I used to always order the seafood salad ever since I was little, but a few years ago they changed the menu and it no longer features there, so now every time when I go there I order a different thing. Prices range from £15 (cheapest dish) for Scottish Smoked Salmon or Scottish Gravlax to £145 for the kings seafood platter (although you can also spend up to £1000 for caviar) but on average you will spend £20 to £30 for a dish. The menu features salmon tartar, shrimp cocktail, crab salad and other seafood dishes as well as a duck fois gras salad and Spanish ham (the only two dishes that don’t have any seafood), although you should not really go there if you don’t like seafood. On this particular occasion I ordered the seafood platter for 1 person (you can also chose to have this for 2 people) which featured Balik smoked Salmon, Balik Gravlax, Balik Tartar, shrimps, herring, king prawn, mussels and an oyster. It was a good seafood platter, not excellent, and these days many restaurants get extremely fresh seafood, so the competition for the Seafood Bar is high, and this platter just did not feel excellent. The salmon and the king prawn were nice,  I did not eat the oyster (gave it to my boyfriend as I don’t eat them), and I can’t say I really enjoyed the small shrimps and did not like the mussels at all, as I did not think they were that great. For £30 this dish was not amazing. Not sure if other locations have better quality seafood or why this did not taste that amazing. The seafood platter was served with Marie rose sauce and some toasted dark bread, and it was quite nice eating the seafood that I liked together with these things.

Maybe it is because I was younger and the seafood bar had a special emotional aspect which I liked, or maybe because the quality was better, but I think Seafood Bar was much better 10 years ago and these days it sells expensive seafood that in my view is not worth the price, as other restaurants offer you better quality and fresher seafood. My friend Paul says thought in his view their king crab is the only edible dish, I have not tried it.

Date: 21/06/13
Location: Gatwick Airport
Price for 1 person that was eating (there were 2 of us) and a glass of wine, no service charge: £40 (and I left £4 service charge)

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Seafood Bar
Gatwick Airport, South Terminal
United Kingdom
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