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Bone Daddies, the Soho ramen restaurant, as well as the group behind Flesh and Buns, the modern Japanese restaurant in Covent Garden, has launched another modern Japanese restaurant Shackfuyu, in Soho, distance wise, in between Bone Daddies Soho and Flesh and Buns. Shackfuyu, according to them, serves the sort of food that is popular in Japan at the moment. Translated from Japanese the restaurant’s name means Winter Shack and this restaurant is only going to be open for a year, it opened in February 2015, so you need to visit it before February 2016.
I love the sort of restaurants that Shackfuyu is, the food is similar to the food you can get in Flesh and Buns and Kurobuta, 2 restaurants which I love, and it is modern, creative and trendy, and very tasty! Shackfuyu’s colour is green and the outside is in this bright green colour and this colour also dominates the décor inside. There are a few tables at the front of the restaurant, where the light from the Soho street shines in, but the majority of tables are at the back, which is quite dark. The restaurant also has a pizza oven on site, left by previous tenants Made in Italy, which they use in making dishes.
I loved the menu, as it had so many dishes I wanted to eat, and also because it was not overly long, as when the menu is too long I get overwhelmed and can’t chose as I want to eat everything, but here at Shackfuyu I felt like I could order all the dishes I wanted to eat. The waiter recommended we chose 2 of their larger dishes, 1 each, from a selection of 3 and 2 each from their smaller dishes (11 in total on the menu, plus 2 specials they had on the day). They also had just 1 dessert on the menu. So in total we ordered 4 smaller dishes and 2 larger dishes as well as a dessert, and did think this was the perfect amount of food.
The 2 larger dishes we ordered were “USDA beef picanha – kimchee tare butter (200g)” for £12.5 and “hot stone rice – goma tare – chilli – beef” for £7.2. Piranha is a cut of beef popular in Brazil, from the rump and it was covered in this delicious sauce, it was soft and buttery but not overwhelmingly “kimchee” but extremely delicious and it was such a treat to eat the beef with the pickled onions and spring onions that came with the dish, very good dish. The hot stone race was just like a Korean bibimbap, served in the hot stone pot, and you had to mix everything together and then eat it. I liked it, good bibimbap, but I thought the stone pot was a tiny bit too hot and the rice and all the other ingredients started burning a bit and getting a touch too much crispy, which I sort of like as a taste, but I don’ think it is how it should be.

From the smaller dish section we ordered the “yellowtail sashimi tostada - avocado shiso”, not cheap at £2.5 each, and we ordered 4 (so £10 in total) but worth it. The yellowtail was topped with a chilli, like the top end restaurants Roka, Zuma serve it, and placed on a small tostada with avocado puree. It all went together very well, was a mix of different textures in your mouth, but very enjoyable. The waiter had recommended the small dish called “aubergine - 4 miso - bubu arare” which we chose and it was aubergine in miso sauce, a dish popular in traditional Japanese restaurants and I guess “less current” and more traditional (and of which bizarrely I have not taken a picture). It was good, the aubergine was very soft, although I thought there was too much sweet miso sauce, the dish was a bit too overwhelmingly sweet and would have benefitted from a touch less sauce. My favourite dish of the meal was the “mackerel - nanban style (escabeche)”. Escabeche is a type of dish were you poach or fry the fish which before is marinated in an acidic mixture with a range of vegetables. The mackerel was soft and served with this lovely pickled vegetable flavour on top of it, it reminded me of Eastern European marinated fish, something my granny would do, and I thought it was amazing. The last dish we ordered was the “prawn toast masquerading as okonomiyaki”, as I had read a review about this dish and was keen to try it out. It really was like a prawn toast that looked like okonomiyaki, the Japanese savoury pancake type of dish, and was even topped with bonito flakes like okonomiyaki usually is. I was eating and could not decide whether I liked this style more or the traditional okonomiyaki, nice, creative and well tasting dish.

The only dessert on the menu was called “kinako french toast – soft serve ice cream”. Kinako is roasted soyabean flour, and the toas was made out of it and was sweet and soft and if you have a sweet tooth you will love it. It was nicely balanced out with the green tea soft ice cream, the ice cream was truly very soft and so good with the toast. When they have a dessert like this they don’t need more desserts on the menu.

Price for 2 people, no alcohol: £71.88
Location: Soho
Date: 28/ 03/ 15

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