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Shake Shack


There is serious hype surrounding this burger restaurant (and another one called Five Guys). I had read about 5 articles about both of these burger restaurants, both from America and both located in Covent Garden, before they had opened, then since they have opened have read about 30 reviews and have tried really hard to stay away from this hype as I did not want to make this restaurant a destination, I wanted to go there when I was in the vicinity and hungry, so in a way I did not want food to dictate my life, but when I told my boyfriend about this burger place, he got super excited and really wanted to come here on a Saturday lunch time and then I knew, there was no way how I could avoid the hype and I was going there like any other London foodie.

Shake Shack these days can be found all across the states, Turkey (interesting destination?), across middle east and now in London, but it started as a hot dog cart in 2001 in Madison Square Park in Manhattan, which turned out to be very popular. Due to the fact it started as a hot dog venue, it is one of the rare burger restaurants in London that also offers you hot dogs. 3 years later Shake Shack opened a permanent kiosk in the Maddison Square Park which was their first restaurant and in the 9 years that have followed they have expanded in many different cities.

Shake Shack in London is located in the Covent Garden piazza on the south side, and when I walked past there last weakened I saw a very long queue outside. I told my boyfriend it was likely we would have to wait a long time to order, but he did not mind. When we arrived there were around 20 people in front of us, but the queue went quickly and after 10 minutes we were by the till ordering, so don’t be scared of the queue when you see it. The system at Shahe Shack is such that you wait in a queue to order, then once at the till you order your food and are given a buzzer and find a spot where to sit down (surprisingly it is quite easy to get a table as they have many outside tables, so during the summer it is fine but not sure how many people will be enjoying burgers when it will be freezing cold outside, and then there is bound to be lack of appropriate seating). When the buzzer buzzes you go to the other side of the restaurant and pick up your order.

We shared a double “SmokeShack burger” which was a Cheeseburger topped with British free range Wiltshire cure smoked bacon (they say how in the London’s Shake Shack they try to use local ingredients like this bacon), chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce. You can also have the normal Shack Burger with no bacon and cherry pepper, a vegetarian mushroom burger, a mix of cheeseburger and the mushroom burger and a cheeseburger. I personally really liked the SmokeShack burger we had ordered. The bread was one of the best breads, if not the best bread I have had with a burger. It was thin, delicious and did not break as you were eating it, so this was one of the easiest burgers to hold in your hands and eat and also cut in half.

We also shared one of the hot dogs, the “Shack-cago Dog” which was an “Authentic German all-beef hot dog dragged through the garden with Rick's Picks Shack relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper, celery salt and mustard”, but on the menu you can also see hot dogs that use British ingredients, like the Cumberland sausage hot dog. I absolutely loved the hot dog, I found it incredibly delicious. It was a bit hard to eat, as it kept breaking up, and it was served with mustard not with ketchup, like the traditional Chicago hot dogs are served. I loved the pickles inside the hot dog, and the meat of the hot dog, and in general I preferred this hot dog to any of the hot dogs I have had in Bubbledogs, and this was one of the best if not the best hot dogs I have had in London (arguably not the best place for hot dogs).

My boyfriend also ordered one of their famous “concretes”. The menu is full of different sweet shakes and concretes (dense frozen custard ice cream blened at high speed with mix ins), and he chose the Sticky Toffy concrete which had Vanilla custard, chocolate toffee, paul.a.young chocolate chunks, salted caramel sauce and malt powder, and which my boyfriend was shocked to see in life as it felt like the most calorific desert ever. He finished it, but he thought there were around 2000 calories there (could be more) it was so filling and more like a dish on its own than a drink.

I personally very much enjoyed Shake Shack, and I thought the burgers there were better than at Honest Burgers, but not as good as in New York in Le Parker Meridien hotel, where I think I have had the best burger ever. I loved how delicious the burger was, the bun, and loved the hot dog. My boyfriend said he disagrees and this was more like a MMMm place for him, but I think that is because he ate the very fattening concrete shake and probably felt very bad afterwards.

Date: 27/ 07/ 13
Location: Covent Garden
Price for 2 people for food, no alcohol: £25

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Shake Shack
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