Jul 19 2014

Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant

Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant is a fish and seafood restaurant, as the name suggests, in Poole, Dorset. It is located just on the end of the Studland Bay, which is an amazing location as it overlooks the sea from so many different sides. It is absolutely beautiful to be sitting in the restaurant and watching the sea and the nature. We came here for lunch on a Saturday and it had a nice relaxing atmosphere and our waiter was very good.

The menu focuses on fish and seafood and serves some amazing things. Also the portions were big. We shared a starter of prawn and crayfish cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce and some green leaves and it was very good. We finished the whole thing, just could not stop eating it as the sauce was delicious and the seafood so fresh. As for the main course we shared a whole plaice grilled with baby new potatoes and a lobster with salad and chips. The lobster was served cold, and I would have personally preferred it hot, but nevertheless it was fresh and delicious. The plaice was even better, such a good quality fish, perfecrly cooked, and so nice to have it with the baby new potatoes. Overall we had one of the best seafood lunches of the summer at Shellbay Seafood Restaurant. 

If you are ever in Poole, Dorset, and you should go, as it is such a beautiful place in England, you should visit Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant. The food is very good but the location makes this a truly unique experience.

Date: 19/ 07/ 14
Location: Poole, Dorset
Price for 2 people: I can't remember

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Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant
Ferry Road BH19 3BA, Poole
United Kingdom
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