Mar 2 2013

Shoreditch House

I went to Shoreditch house with a big group of people for a Saturday brunch. One of my friends Katrina is a member and she decided to organize a brunch for a few of us and we all arrived to Shoreditch house on a Saturday for 12.00 brunch. Note Shoreditch house is a private members club and so if you want to go there for a meal like I did you will need to find a member friend that is nice enough to invite you. Shoreditch House is located in Shoreditch and is a large building that also has a spa, a hotel with rooms for members. On the 6th floor they have an outdoor pool area where you can go in the summer and relax and eat but the rest of the time the 5th floor, where there is a dining room, a pool table room with a casual sit down area and also another relaxed room full of big sofas and fireplaces, is the place where people usually go. We had our brunch in the dining area on the 5th floor, which has long communal tables and the 8 of us were sitting on one side of it. On the menu it stated you can’t take pictures of the food and can’t even use your phone which I tried to ignore and managed to take a few pictures before I was told off by the waiters. This is the only place where I have been banned from taking any pictures.

The menu has a breakfast section with scrambled eggs, omelets, eggs benedict, the usual breakfast classics, then a salad section which featured a winter vegetable salad as well as a chicken, bacon and lettuce salad, a pizza section and also some main courses like burgers, chicken Milanese and also sides. Before we ordered our food I ordered a Bloody Mary and some of the other girls ordered some other alcoholic cocktails like passion fruit Bellini. The Bloody Mary was good but I was not a hug fan of the passion fruit Bellini, as even though it was served in a cute old school type of glass it almost felt like it was Bellini with some passion fruit powder mixed in it. The bread that we were given with a bowl of olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed together was nice though, nothing special but nice. I decided to order a burger and a pizza and then share it with my boyfriend. I have been coming to Shoreditch House for many years now and I think they do great pizzas and there is an oven in one corner of the dining room where they bake them before making them from scratch. The menu featured a margarita, a spicy salami pizza, a sausage and broccoli pizza and a prosciutto pizza. At first wanted to go for the sausage and broccoli pizza as that sounded interesting but the waiter persuaded us to have the spicy salami one instead as he said it was better and when it arrived it was great, thin, had loads of topping, very delicious. I think some of the best pizzas are the Romano pizzas in Pizza Express as they are so thin and full of topping and the Shoreditch pizza was actually a bit better. We also shared a cheeseburger and you could opt for cheddar cheese or blue cheese in your cheeseburger. We went for cheddar but quite a few people on our table went for the blue cheese. The cheeseburger was nice but not amazing. We also got some sides to go with this, a rocket with parmesan salad and also some broccoli with chilli, and both were decent, ok sides, no deviation from the standard. My friend Ian ordered a chicken with bacon salad which looked extremely similar to a normal Caesar salad. It was a huge bowl though, very impressive (you can see a picture below). My friend Santa had eggs benedict and Lasma also ordered fried zucchini as a side to her cheeseburger. I did not try either but they did look solid.

You will have a nice brunch if you go to Shoreditch house and will be able to choose from a wide range of options. The food is nothing special or interesting, just decent, standard brunch food. But what I really like about Shoredich house is the atmosphere which is so relaxed and nice there. After our meal we went to the more relaxed room with fireplaces next door and had more cocktails and just chatted, all of which contributed to an extremely pleasant lunch.

Date: 02/03/13
Price for 1 person with an alcoholic cocktail and service charge: £37
Location: Shoreditch

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Shoreditch House
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