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I had read a lot of articles about how good Shrimpy’s is and about their famous soft shell crab burger, so I had been wanting to go there for a while and when it was time for me to catch up with my friend David, I selected this restaurant for our dinner.

Shrimpy’s is located by Kings Cross in the old converted Kings Cross Filling Station, which was such a discovery for me as I had not been there before. I went there with David on one of the hottest days of this summer and Shrimpy’s is located on one side but the general Filling Station area was full of people drinking and chatting as there was an outside bar, it just felt like such a great place to catch up with friends, so lively and so fun, I am sure made better by the great weather, but if you have not been here, it is worthwhile checking it out. Shrimpy’s is located on one side and has a few outside tables as well as inside tables. We were at first seated inside by the bar, which was a lot of fun as we could watch the chefs work and speak to the bartenders, but as it was such a lovely day we asked to sit outside, and the waitress after 20minutes of us being inside managed to get us a table outside, in the fun atmosphere.

Shrimpy’s is run by Pablo Flack and David Waddington that also run Bistrotheque bar-restaurant, and who are veterans of the pop-up restaurant scene. I very much liked the menu at Shrimpy’s as it felt edgy and trendy, full of dishes that people want to eat these days. I ordered the Peruvian traditional cocktail pisco sour which was very good and whilst we were sipping the cocktails they gave us the Peruvian corn as a snack to eat, which I love. The Peruvian pisco sour and corn are very trendy things to have these days in London, as London is going crazy for Peruvian food, so this just shows how Shrimpy’s is very aware of this.

The menu is divided into “snackettes”, ie small snacks, “appetizers” and the American term “entrees” for main courses. We decided to get 2 snackettes whilst we were waiting for our outside table to become available, the “frickles: deep fried, pickled chilis” and “plantains, chips and dips” and I very much enjoyed both of these. The deep fried pickled chilies, I had not seen anywhere else before, and I absolutely loved these, as I love pickled things and chillies, and these were tasty and made super crunchy by the batter they were fried in, and as David said they did need the deep fried batter to make them that extra special. We also got a huge bowl of plantains and corn chips with 2 dips, guacamole and tomato salsa, and even when we finished the 2 sauces, the waitresses were kind enough to give us more of the same sauces, without us having to pay more, and once again I loved the fact you got plantain chips, not your usual snack.

We skipped the appetizers and went straight to the main courses and I had to have their famous dish “Soft shell crab burger, chilli, avocado” and David ordered “Creole poussin, pineapple salsa”. We also got some “Chicory slaw, chilli, pomegranate” and “Humita” sides. As I said, all the main courses on their menu are slightly funky and unusual like skirt steak with the Argentinian chimichurri, seared ahi, not your typical fish, so the menu is very global with influences from all over the world. I thought the idea of having a soft shell crab burger was great, but in reality I don’t think it was as enjoyable to eat as a normal burger, because the texture of the soft shell crab was so similar to the bun, it was all sort of too similar when you ate it. I loved the pickled cucumbers, avocado and chilli in the soft shell crab burger, but even these could not make the burger that extra special and tasty to eat, still a very interesting and creative dish and I am happy I ordered it. David enjoyed his poussin, but it just looked like any normal chicken with the salsa. The slaw that I had ordered as a side was beautiful, red and bright and I liked it, apart from the fact that it had apple in it, which was too sweet and I generally don’t like apples in slaw, but it felt crunchy and very healthy. The mysterious “humita” that David chose was mushed up corn, and it was a huge side they gave you, actually both sides were very big and 1 side is enough to share between 2 people here, so they are not being stingy and these sides were not expensive as well.

There were a few great things about Shrimpy’s and a few things that could have been better, but overall I had a great meal here, I loved the atmosphere which was fun and trendy and all the food was interesting and not your average restaurant food, but the trendy London dishes that are popular now.

Date: 01/ 08/ 13
Location: Kings Cross
Price for 2 people with alcohol and service charge: £86.06

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