Sep 16 2014

Sketch Gallery

I had not been to Sketch in a very long time and was so pleasantly surprised about how great it was. Sketch is sort of a house in Mayfair (Conduit street) that has 2 restaurants and various bars and lounge areas each very quirky and in their individual and very cool style. If you like design, art and furniture, then Sketch is a must visit for you. As the website says “Sketch is a complex and unique site”. The people behind Sketch, that opened it in December 2002, are French master chef Pierre Gagnaire (who has a 3 Michelin star restaurant in France) and restaurateur Mazouz.

I came to Sketch for dinner. There are 2 options for dinner, you can either have dinner in their gallery, which is sort of like the Sketch brasserie, or if you want to spend more money you can go to their 2 Michelin star restaurant, Lecture Room & Library. We chose the cheaper option and came here for dinner at the Gallery. The Gallery is beautiful, the walls and the chairs and sofas are in a pink colour and it is a beautiful pink colour, designed by India Mahdavi. On the nice pink walls you can see 239 works done by the British artist David Shrigley, forming the largest group of original drawings he has ever exhibited. The art is not only on the walls but also in their cutlery and various plates (also designed by David Shrigley) have either drawings on them of Mayfair street names or other thingss. One of the dishes said “food” on it and another dish that had a noodle dish in it, once I had finished the food at the bottom of it said “an empty plate”. There are so many cool discussion topics about the surroundings in Sketch.

The food is definitely as creative as the rest of the restaurant. Food is divided into “starters”, “pasta, risotto”, “fish” and “meat” sections. Starters were £20 on average. Richard and I chose to have a starter of Burrata, bloody Mary, cherry tomatoes, croque «Noir» and after the waiters recommendation Oliver ordered a «Homage to David Shrigley», which was a starter of Tuna sashimi, creamy avocado with Peruvian chilli and lime, melon and liqueur vinegar, black olive gelée and mozzarella foam. The burrata dish was a bit weird, like all the food here, and you either like or hate these twists. The bloody mary sauce was strange, powerful and just a bit weird for me with the burrata. The burrata was delicious and great but everything together with the sort of bloody mary sauce was just strange and I would have liked something less “soup like” with the burrata. Also the croquet Noir was weird as well, like a cheese sandwich with black bread and not sure I needed a pretty cheese sandwich with cheese-burrata. But definitely an unusual take on the dish and beautiful. Oliver liked his tuna sashimi and he said the tuna was so good and literally melted in your mouth. He also said the mozzarella foam was great.

The main courses were around £25 on average, so not much more expensive than starters, and the main course that attracted my attention was “Udon noodles cooked
in a citrus broth, tofu, lemongrass, pickled vegetables and coriander”. Once again I found the dish a bit strange. The waiter brought me a dish full of noodles and small bits of everything else and then poured some broth over it, but there was very little broth and it was like eating noodles with a bit of sauce over them. I did sort of like it, but I prefer the more traditional noodle dishes. Oliver and Richard ordered “Suckling pig and foie gras «Gâteau», red cabbage with sesame, watercress, gaufrette potatoes”. But the waiter had made it sound like there was going to be a lot of suckling pig and both men found the dish that they actually got very far from what they thought they would get. Both of them did really like it though and said the suckling pig was yummy with great mix of flavours, just not as generous in the portion size as one might have liked.

I did not have a desert but Oliver ordered the most unusual dessert on the menu called Malabar which had “Lemon foam, bubble gum ice cream, panna cotta, orange blossom and  strawberry marshmallow”. It tasted great if you like these overpowering blue colour bubble gums and overly sweet artificial flavour things. I personally really liked it, but once again it was unusual. Richard went for something more traditional a desert called “Success” which had Praline mousseline, hazelnut dacquoise, cherry confit, caramel whiskey ice cream and he especially enjoyed the whiskey ice cream.

The one thing that I did not think was great during the meal was our waiter. He kept interrupting us in the middle of the conversation and saying something not waiting for a good moment when to say things. It just felt a bit awkward at times. The other thing though that I have not mentioned but which was amazing were the toilets. Each toilet was in the shape of an egg and you go inside and hear frog noises that you usually hear at night, very cool concept.

I liked the design and the thought of Sketch more than the food I had but that is personal, as Oliver liked everything he had and said this was one of the best meals he has had in a long time.

Date: 16/ 09/ 14
Price for 3 people with alcohol: I did not see the bill, so don’t know, but I think it would be a bit more than £200
Location: Mayfair

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Sketch Gallery
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