Dec 11 2013

Smiths of Smithfield


It is really hard to review Smiths of Smithfield because the restaurant consists of 4 floors and each serves a different type of food and each floor has a different atmosphere, which means to fully capture Smiths of Smithfield (or SOS like people call it) you would have to review each floor, which I am not doing here. SOS consists of  ground floor restaurant, second floor restaurant and top (3rd) floor restaurant as well as a lounge and cocktail bar and a private room (on the first floor), which is where we had our Christmas party on a Wednesday evening in December. The higher up you go in the building the more luxurious the dining experience gets (ie ground floor has the most casual food and top, 3rd floor, the most luxurious sophisticated dining). Each of the four floors has a distinctive style – food, design and atmosphere – offering pretty much something for everyone depending on mood, budget or time.

Smiths of Smithfield is located in between Farringdon and Barbican tube stations in the heart of Smithfield Market (London’s only working meat market). Apparently they try to do the restaurant in a NY sort of feel, although I don’t really get a massive NY vibe when I go there. I have been to SOS many times, mainly eating on the ground floor, which does an excellent brunch (this place is always full on weekends for brunch). 

1. On this occasion as I said I came here for dinner with my colleagues for our Christmas party and we had a set menu. You can see below in the pictures starters we shared which were “British cured meats, pickles”, “grilled sourdough, aioli”, “gin & beetroot cured gravadlax”, “bbq pulled pork, little gem cups”, “endive blue cheese, candied walnuts” and “SOS rosemary focaccia”. I did not try all of these starters as I was sitting on one side of a very large table and the food on most plates had already been eaten by the time the plate got to me, but I did try the British cured meats and pickles, which was nice as well as the grilled sourdough, aioli which I also enjoyed and really liked how strong the flavor of the aioli was and I could not stop eating it.

We had a choice of three main courses, and I chose “Lamb rump, saffron and garlic crushed potatoes, mint lamb sauce” (you could also have “John dory, caviar butter sauce, braised leeks” or “Pumpkin and sage tortellini, hazelnut butter”). The lamb was really really good, tender, flavoursome, it is hard to get such a good lamb in restaurants and you could also really feel the saffron on the potatoes, they had not been stingy with this mega-expensive herb. The potatoes were great. You can also see sides of chips and broccoli which were also good, and nothing to complain about. The desert was “White chocolate & Baileys cheesecake, coffee cream”, intensely delicious and soft cheesecake and I really wanted to eat the whole thing, and I rarely feel like this with deserts.

I have not yet been to the second or third floors at SOS but I do very much enjoy the food on the ground floor and this first floor private room food. SOS is a very good safe choice if you want to take your friends to try good British food for either weekend brunch or dinner or lunch.

Date: 11/ 12/ 13
Location: Clarkenwell
Price: I don’t know as this was our Christmas party and I did not have to pay and I did not see the bill

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Smiths of Smithfield
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