Feb 12 2014

Soho Japan


I recently noticed that a new Japanese restaurant had opened on Baker Street, close to where I live. It did not look like much from the outside, but as it was close and my hob was not working at the time, I had to get some food outside and my boyfriend and I decided to go to Soho Japan to try it out. The restaurant from the outside does not look like much, it has big windows so you can see what is going on inside and has a white sign with red letters saying Soho Japan. Inside the restaurant is also very plain and unexciting, but despite the very poor look, the restaurant does serve decent Japanese food.

The restaurant serves sushi and sashimi as well as a wide range of Japanese smaller and larger dishes, the choice is actually quite wide and they also have daily specials. My boyfriend ordered “Pan fried octopus balls in iron pan” (comes in 5 pieces) for £6.00 as well as Noodles in soup with spinach, omelette & mushroom for £12.00 (you could chose between buckwheat or wheat/ udon noodles). He did not like the food too much as he admits he did not order well, and the fried octopus had too much fried stuff which he did not like and he did not really like the omelette in the noodle soup. I liked the taste of the noodle soup, it was more expensive though than a noodle soup in the nearby Nambu-Tei restaurant, which I really like.

Before our meal we were offered a nice little pot of bamboo shoots served in a Japanese type of way which were nice. I ordered a sushi selection with scallops, eel, yellowtail and some tuna rolls as well as a seaweed salad for £7.00 and a plate of Japanese pickles and some miso soup. Miso soup was a good decent miso soup, I very much liked the seaweed salad and Japanese pickles, but nothing unusual here, and nothing different to other Japanese restaurants, just good quality decent seaweed and pickles. They did give you though a lot of different pickles on the plate. The sushi was good quality, very nice. Not too expensive, but very good for the price you paid with fresh fish and well rolled.

If you don’t mind the boring and plain décor, this is a decent place for Japanese food, which is made very well. Although more Japanese people go to the nearby Nambu-Tei Japanese restaurant and Soho Japan has more foreigners. I personally also prefer Nambu-Tei, which I think has much more character, better décor, better food and similar prices.

Date: 12/ 02/ 14
Location: Marylebone
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: can’t remember, my boyfriend paid, but around £50

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Soho Japan
195 Baker Street NW1 6UY
United Kingdom
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