Jun 10 2012


I had some of the best seafood ever in Solsiden (Norwegian for “The Sunny Side”), a fish and seafood restaurant (there is no meat of any kind on the menu) in Oslo. Solsiden is open only for 4 months from May to September, and it is very popular in Oslo and we hardly got a booking. Solsiden is located in an ugly, cement-sided warehouse that overlooks the sea and Oslo’s harbor and when the sun shines, it shines on the restaurant and also the sunset you can see from the restaurant is beautiful. The restaurant has a large and airy indoor dining room with huge windows, where we were sitting, and there is also an outdoor terrace.

I went to Solsiden with my friends Lasma and Hans Petter and we ordered a large plate of seafood (which is one of their specialities) to share, which included lobster, scallops, crayfish, brown crab, king crab, mussels oysters, prawns and langoustines. It was served over ice with plenty of lemon wedges. To compliment all this we were drinking a lovely white wine, which the waitress recommended. The seafood was extremely fresh, delicious and there was a lot of it, and it was one of the best and memorable seafood meals I have had in my life. If you like seafood and are in Oslo during the summer months, I definitely recommend to go to Solsiden.

Date: 10/06/2012
Location: Oslo

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Akershusstranda 34, 0150
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