Dec 30 2012

South City Kitchen


This is the place where the locals go for some sweet Southern cooking for over 19 years since this place first opened. South City Kitchen has 2 branches and I went to the one located in Midtown Atlanta in a converted two-story house and in the main dining area on one side is the kitchen so you can watch the chefs create the Southern dishes. One of the reviews of this place said that this is where well dressed professionals go to meet and greet and when we started chatting to the table that was sitting next to us it turned out to be true, as people from that table had been coming there for years to meet their friends. To start we ordered some gem lettuce served with pecan nuts, which turned out to be not really gem lettuce, but spinach with some darker salad leaves, which I found quite funny. The dressing over them was delicious (probably not the best for my figure though) but adding the pecan nuts to this I thought was a bit strange, I have not seen this before and I don’t think it actually worked that well. As my travel guide had said this is the place to try grits, we ordered some to share. I had never tried grits before which is a type of food typical in Southern USA and it is commonly eaten at breakfast and just like porridge, similar to polenta. From all the types of grits on the menu we chose the “shrimp and red mule grits with Athens’ finest grits, poblanos, housemade tasso ham, smoked tomato gravy”. As I have never had grits before I can’t really say how good it was, but i enjoyed it, the prawns were delicious and I loved the sauce over the grits with ham with the poblanos (mild green chilli pepper from Mexico), also encouragingly my boyfriend said he could eat much more of this dish. We also had another traditional Southern speciality, the “buttermilk fried chicken” that was served with “garlic collards, smashed bliss potatoes, honey-thyme jus” (if you don’t know what collards are it is just an American way of saying cabbage). The buttermilk fried chicken was great, and buttermilk fried chicken is chicken dusted in flour and fried crisp but before then given a buttermilk bath, which you could really feel as the chicken was very tender and soft. There was a lot of chicken, so you did get a lot of meat and the coating was delicious. I also very much enjoyed the collards or cabbage and also the crushed potatoes were nice. I don’t really know how to judge or review this place as I have never had this type of food, but what i can say is that the chicken was much much better than the chicken in KFC and the food was interesting. Southern food is probably not for everyone but if you want to have it in a bit more sophisticated way, this is the place to go to. Also the table sitting next to me were telling me this is the best place in town for chicken liver if you like it.

Price for 2 including 2 beers and 2 bloody Mary’s and US higher service charge: $93
Location: Atlanta
Date: 30/12/12

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South City Kitchen
1144 Crescent Avenue Northeast GA 30309
United States
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