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Spuntino is an American/ Italian tapas/ small plates restaurant located in Soho. It is one of the restaurants owned by Russell Norman, and one of his latest additions (the other restaurants are Polpo, Polpetto, da Polpo and Mishkin, and I have been to all of them apart from Polpetto). For some reason that I still quite can’t work out I prefer Spuntino over the other restaurants Mr Norman owns, maybe it is the menu (the rest apart from Mishkin’s serve Venetian tapas, Mishkin is a Jewish deli), or maybe it is the atmosphere, as it has a bit of a New York feel to it. 


Spuntino is one of those restaurants (this is now so trendy in Soho) that has a non-booking policy and you are just supposed to show up and queue. I went there on Saturday at 19.00 with my friend Evita expecting to see a mega queue and ready to wait for a while, and I was pleasantly surprised to see I could take the last 2 seats in the restaurant (which were at the back though, so not the best seats). The atmosphere in the restaurant is very chilled out and relaxed, there are no sit down tables, you sit on bar stools either around the bar, or at the far end by high tables, and it feels very communal. When you arrive the waiter brings you a bottle of still water (I love it when places willingly give you tap water for free!!) and a small jug of popcorn, which was not the nicest popcorn I have had, but I probably say this as it lacked salt (so was not that tasty but good for me) and I did like the creativity of giving you popcorn as opposed to olives or something like that you usually get when you arrive and getting free things is always so nice! 


We asked the waiter to explain Spuntino’s signature dishes to us, and we ordered one of them, “the pea, mint and feta cheese salad”, which was superb and I could have eaten much more than the plate given to us. Their other signature dishes were “mac & cheese”, which we did not opt to have as I had had a big lunch and thought my bikini body won’t approve of this as well, and the “truffle egg on toast”. After my visit and at the time of writing this, I have googled the ”the truffle egg on toast” dish and it looks delicious (don’t be put off like I was by the strange name), and I will be having it on my next visit to Spuntino. The people that sat next to also had the “mac & cheese” and it did look amazing, so I may have that someday as well. 


Evita and I had the eggplant crisps with a dip, that were really nice, but I did not think they would look like they did. We also ordered a prawn slider, but none of us really knew what a slider was, we just fancied some prawns, and the menu said “slider – prawns” and we were very surprised to see that the waiter brought us a burger with prawns inside of it. It was a nice prawn burger, although I would have fancied a bit more prawns and a bit less bread. We finished the meal with a zucchini pizzeta, which I thought was very nice, but it did have a lot of chillies, and was too spicy for Evita so she could not finish it (which meant more for me). 


So go to Spuntino for some American comfort food served in small portions with an Italian twist in a relaxed atmosphere and do trust the waiter and order the signature dishes.


Date – 11/08/12

Price for 2 with 5 glasses of prosecco and service charge  - £55

Location – Soho 

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61 Rupert Street, Soho, W1D 7PW
United Kingdom
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