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Steam & Rye


One of my colleagues Vatchy was telling me that I have to go to Steam & Rye, a new place (opened in November 2013) in the city of London where you could have American food and which later operated as a club. He said it was quite interesting as most of these dinner/ clubbing combined restaurants are located in Mayfair and this would be the first of this sort in the city. This and the fact that Kelly Brook seems to be involved with this place (as well as the man behind Mahiki and Whisky Mist) attracted my attention and so next time when I was organizing a dinner with my female friends I suggested this place.

Steam & Rye is located in the city, close to the Bank station, among typical city companies. I tried to book a table for dinner 2 weeks before and the only time I could book was for 6pm, they had no later table. The service throughout our meal was awful, and they kicked us out after 2h of being there (as restaurants do), but as they were so slow we did not have time to have dessert and they kicked us out when we had just ordered our drinks, which I think is sort of unacceptable, as we were left standing around with full glasses.

The inside of the restaurant is very “American”, there is a railway station sort of clock, mechanical bull, railway carriage seating, upside-down Statues of Liberty, loads of American flags and it has that sort of southern American feel, and the building where Steam & Rye is located used to house the Bank of New York. The ceilings are very high though which makes the room feel spacious and on one side there are sort of “tables” for dancing which you can find in a typical club. The place was half empty when we arrived, mostly people having drinks, and when we left all the tables were occupied and it was dark, so reminded you of a club in that way, but was not full and buzzing like a club should be. Maybe it was too early though.

The menu features classic American food like steak lobster, burgers, shrimps, etc, which I do like and I am yet to find a good place in London that executes this type of food well. Also the menu stated that on every Monday and Tuesday you can eat as much shrimps and smoked bbq ribs both for £14.95. The prices don’t seem too bad, starters are on average £7 and main courses £20 (bigger steaks are more). I chose a starter of crispy fried pickled vegetables with spicy mayonnaise and I was very disappointed with this dish. There was so much batter and deep frying going on you could barely taste the vegetables. In the end I was picking off the batter and just eating the inside which actually was nice and well pickled. My lovely female friends had “roasted pumpkin soup” and “pan fried crab cake with guacamole and lobster salad”, which you can see in the pictures below. Overall the feedback was that the food was good, not amazing.

I wanted to have a steak for my main course, so I chose the 300g fillet steak (for £32 which seems to be what steak costs in the city) that was served with a sauce (like in other steak restaurants you had a choice between béarnaise, blue cheese and peppercorn, although you had to pay extra for the sauce) and fries. I asked for my steak to be cooked medium/ rare, which they did do, but I did not find the steak particularly tasty. Not sure why, maybe it was not well seasoned, it was a good steak, but not great. All their steaks are cooked in Josper grill, which seems to be the new trend taking over London, I see these Josper grills everywhere now. You can also see a picture of grilled dover sole and Josper grilled baby chicken, which the waiter said was going to be huge, and was sort of right. You can also see sides we shared, an extremely boring mixed salad and creamy slaw, which I did like.

The concept of Steam & Rye is cool, I do like the American theme, I like places that combine food and clubbing as that sorts out my whole evening if I want to go dancing after dinner, but I was not that keen on Steam & Rye in practice. The food was average and the waitress awful. Besides the fact that she kicked us out without desert and in a huge rush, she also kept bringing us the wrong wine, sometimes when we asked for a glass of wine, she would bring a bottle and vice versa, and sometimes only bring a bottle with one glass when clearly it was more than one person that wanted to drink the wine, she was just all over the place.

Date: 15/ 01/ 14
Location: Bank
Price for 4 people with alcohol: £254.36

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Steam & Rye
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