May 18 2015

Sticks n Sushi


Sticks n Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that comes from Denmark and focuses on sushi and yakitori (sticks part in the name Sticks n Sushi). Sticks n Sushi opened 18 years ago by brothers Jens and Kim Rahbek and Thor Andersen, and in Denmark Sticks n Sushi now has 11 restaurants. They started entering the London market a few years ago and now have 4 restaurants in London in Wimbledon, Covent Garden, Greenwich and Canary Wharf (where I went). Sticks n Sushi is very popular in Denmark and apparently “the market leader in Japanese cuisine” according to some press articles, and they serve a modern fusion sort of Japanese/ Danish cuisine as the brothers are half Japanese.
The Canary Wharf branch of Sticks n Sushi opened recently in the crossrail mall section and is getting quite busy already. We came here for food at a bit of a strange time, 5pm, so neither lunch nor dinner (for us it was dinner though). The restaurants is big with a large cooking/ kitchen section on one side of the room. The décor is quite minimalistic with dark chairs and tables. The menu is really cool and one of the trendiest menus in London. All the dishes have accompanying pictures, which makes selecting your food a bit easier. The pictures of the dishes are scattered all over the page, and not listed, like restaurants usually do. You can either order from their a la carte menu or the menu that says “if you can’t decide, we can” which offers set menus. The a la carte menu even divides dishes into sections that a woman and a man would like (woman has more lighter vegetable and meat options, and the men’s section has more yakitori skewers). There are plenty of fun little quotes scattered around the menu, which makes this place fun.

We ordered a set platter from the set menu section. There are various options in the set menu section from various sushi and sashimi combinations to set meals that have sushi and yakitori, as well as daily special meal for £22. We did not have a lot of time and the waitress recomended we have the ”upgrade” set menu which she said was perfect for 2 people, cost £65 and included a wide range of sushi, rolls, carpaccio as well as 3 pairs of yakitori sticks. It was quite a big portion and actually if you are not too hungry could have fed 3 people. The sushi and roll platter that arrived was very impressive and featured “Yasai Sticks” or cut vegetables with seeds and miso dip. The vegetables were crunchy but the miso dip was way too salty and too strange tasting, I don’t think it should have tasted like this, and I almost think someone made a mistake when making it. The Salmon Carpaccio topped with daikon, chives, lime marinade, trout roe and miso aioli was beautiful and showing the creative side of Sticks n Sushi. We were also given 3 sets of nigiri sushi, tuna, salmon and prawn, pretty standard fish but nice sushi, striking that middle ground in sushi between the super expensive restaurants and Itsu. We also got 2 rolls, a salmon and avocado roll and a “crispy ebi roll” with tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy sauce, tsume soy and rolled and sesame, and I loved these both rolls. Also the a la carte menu features very creative rolls like salmon ceviche roll and black cod dragon roll. The last dish in this platter was a rice paper roll filled with marinated duck breast, avocado, coriander, lettuce cucumber and served with goma dressing, healthy and unusual roll.
We were very full post this large sushi platter and were actually surprised when the yakitori skewers were brough to us, as we had forgotten about them. The yakitori we were given were the lamb chop topped with miso herm butter, chicken meatballs in terriyaki and miso marinated salmon with territaki sauce. My favourite yakitori was the chicken meatballs one, the meatballs had a lot of flavour in them, although the lamb was very good as well.

Our meal was a bit rushed so we did not enjoy it to the full extent we should have, but looking back the food was great and was actually very good value for money for the huge amounts of delicious fish and meat we got. The thing though that slightly upset us at the time was that each bottle of water cost £3 and just before we left, almost before we asked for the bill, they brought us another bottle of water, without asking us wheteher we wanted it, and then charged us for it. We only noticed this after we left and so we paid £3 for water we did not want and did not drink as we left straight afterwards. But despite this I liked the place, great place for a date on a Friday night as you can order lots of fun Japanese food from a fun menu with equally creative cocktails.

Date: 18/ 05/ 15
Location: Canary Wharf (but apparently the Covent Garden branch is the best)
Price for 2 people: £76.50

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Sticks n Sushi
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