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STK is “not your daddy’s steakhouse” according to them, not that I know what that means, and is owned by the ONE Group, which has many other restaurants across the world. STK is a steakhouse and has branches in other cities, but the one in London is located in the ME hotel on Aldwych/ Strand. I used to study close to this area a few years ago and seeing what they have done and how beautiful the hotel that they have built there is, is quite amazing.

STK tries to differentiate itself from the other steakhouses by also offering a fun atmosphere, with a DJ playing and a chic lounge (we left before the DJ started playing, so this happens quite late). I did very much like the inside of STK, I thought the décor was beautiful and thought it had more atmosphere than your average steakhouse. The dining area was divided into two areas, one was in purple shades with flowers and felt more party like, and the other more formal like area, where we were seated.

The menu is similar to the average steak house, however features more options of the very trendy at the moment sashimis and ceviches, as well as salads. I went for the “wild bass ceviche” as my starter which had thin slices of bass marinated with tigers milk, mirin, soy, chilli and coriander. I actually liked this ceviche a lot, loved the added spiciness from the chilli, and thought it was better than some of the ceviches I have had in Peruvian restaurants. It was cut very thinly thought and was a bit more like sashimi with the ceviche dressing as opposed to the traditional ceviche. My friend Deepak had the “blue gem salad” with smoked bacon, clue cheese and pickled tomatoes, and I tried some and found it way too sweet to be enjoyable. Deepak also thought it was too sweet and could not finish it, and it almost felt like someone had added honey to this dish, and it was just weird, and my least favourite dish that I had in STK. My friend Rich went for the “tuna tartare” that was interestingly presented with Moroccan aubergine, cumin mayonnaise and harissa, and so felt very different to your average tuna tartare and I thought it was interesting but I preferred the traditional tuna tartare. Ates ordered the chopped salad which had baby gem, avocado, cucumber, radicchio montgomery cheddar, brioche croutons and sumac, and I very much enjoyed it.

For the main course most of us decided to have steak (apart from Deepak who had had steak the previous day), and I was very impressed with their menu and the choices of steak, as they had small, medium and larger cuts of each meet, and this according to their website is to make it more “female friendly” and I (being a female) personally loved the fact that if you wanted to, you could have a small 150g steak, which I have not seen in any other restaurant before, and most restaurants start with 250/300g steaks, and I always have problems as I don’t want to eat that much. STK offers both USDA (the best steak from the US) and British steak, but I went for the USDA one and the small 225g fillet for £30 (the steak was priced in line with Goodman and Hawksmoore), and the fillet was perfectly cooked medium/rare and was as soft and tender and delicious as a fillet steak should be. Ates and Rich went for the slightly larger 325g fillet steaks and Deepak went for the tuna sashimi with kaffir lime dressing as well as the wild bass ceviche that I had as a starter, and all of these things looked great. I loved the sides you could order in STK to go with your steak, and we had the “gem salad shallots & herbs” which was similar to Ates’s starter and just a nice salad to go with the steak. I also very much liked the “grilled broccolini”, wonderfully cooked, and the “mash & onion sauce”, and the mash was soft and went super well with the onion sauce. I find it quite funny how all steakhouses these days offer “lobster mac & cheese”, but as I quite like it, I also ordered it, and whilst I thought the lobster mac and cheese was good, full of cheese and tasty, it did not have as much lobster pieces as I had in the Goodman lobster mac and cheese recently. We also ordered wonderful “parmesan truffle chips”, very tasty to have chips with parmesan.

At the end they brought us the bill, which we paid, but after we had gone, the restaurant called us and said they had overcharged us and given us someone else’s bill and so they owed us money, which the next day they transferred back to us, which I thought was a great gesture. They dealt with this issue quickly and efficiently. Everyone makes mistakes and I always think it is how you deal with them that really matters. I did very much enjoy the atmosphere in STK, it was not as fun as they advertise it is, but it is more fun and definitely more interesting environment than Goodman and Hawksmoore, but as I think the food, the starters and the sides, are better at Goodman and Hawksmoore, STK does not get as high a rating, but still a very good 4Ms.

Date: 3/07/13
Location: Aldwych
Price for 4 people with a bottle of wine and some cocktails and service charge: £290

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