Feb 15 2013

Street Burgers


My boyfriend and I landed quite late in Riga on a Friday night and we were keen to get some food. My brother suggested all sorts of places where we can get some food but the one that caught my attention was a burger place that he said had just opened up close to where we were staying and he said he has never been there but from the outside it looked good, so we decided to go and check it out. The place is called “Street Burgers” and is located on one side of a car park next to one of the main roads in Riga and you can see the place from far away as the little restaurant (separate building) is decorated with traffic lights and also there is a painting of a man eating a burger with “Street Burgers” sign, decorating a whole one side of a building next to the restaurant, so the chances are you are unlikely to miss this place.

We walked in and there were some people eating burgers but the place was not full. We went to the counter and asked for the menu and started looking at it. At this point what seemed like the manager of the place approached us and told us that they had just opened the restaurant today and as today was the first day when they were selling burgers all the food was free. At first we were stunned and could not believe it, especially as I have never ever got free food anywhere in any restaurant but after a while of disbelief we were finally persuaded that all of it was free indeed. The menu features “Street Burgers” (that has beef and street sauce), “Chicken Burger” (chicken with garlic sauce), “Ghetto Burger” (double beef, double cheese and street sauce) a vegetarian Portobello burger and a “Breakfast Burger”. We wanted to try different burgers (they are on average LVL4, so £5) and share them, so we ordered a Ghetto Burger, a Chicken Burger and my brother ordered the Breakfast burger as the manager (btw he is the person in the painting on the building outside Street Burger as we later found out) persuaded my brother to have it as he said it is very good. I did not want any fries but my brother and boyfriend got a burger with fries (LVL5 on average if you do the combo). The burgers were great and were tasting quite healthy. London has a huge burger trend and there are many “premium” burger restaurants opening up recently and even compared to these the burgers in Street Burgers felt “healthier”. The bread was better quality and they used a type of brownish bread and it is hard to explain but when you ate it, it just felt healthy. Also as the manager explained to us the meat apparently comes from cows that are grown in Valmiera (a city in Latvia) in an eco-friendly way and the meat was medium cooked and also did feel healthy and good quality. There was no greasy feeling that you have when eating a burger (even the premium ones in London sometimes have it). Not sure if it is a good or a bad thing as some people actually really like that greasy feel of a burger, but yes here there was none. The downside though and I think the thing that let Street Burger down somewhat for me were the fries. They were not very crunchy or tasty at all, and I do think they should improve these.

Good and premium burgers is a trend that is sweeping across London and Europe and it is interesting to see that it has reached Latvia as well. Street Burger offers good and solid burgers that feel healthier than the average London premium burger, and when I crave a burger in Latvia this is the place where I will go.

Location: Riga
Price for 3 people with 2 beers: LVL 3.60 (only the amount I paid for the beer as the food was free, but it would have been around LVL20 if I had paid)
Date: 15/02/13



Street Burgers updated – 04/04/13

I went to Street Burgers again on a Friday night with my brother. The place was much busier than last time and people kept coming in whilst we were there so ir seems this place has become a hit. We ordered a chicken burger with fries and also chilli fries. The chicken burger was amazing, and this is actually the reason why I decided to do this update to say that this is the best chicken burger I have had as the sauce was delicious, but the main reason why it is so good is because they give you so much chicken. The piece of chicken is really thick and you feel like you are getting great value for money, and very tasty overall. Also I thought the chips were better than last time, they have improved but they are still not amazing and not the best chips I have had with a burger but an improvement. The thing that I did not like though were the chilli fries. They cost LVL1.50 (so very cheap) and you get a huge basket full of them, so great value for money, and I liked how these were not really fries but potato wedges (they had not specified this on the menu though), but what I did not like was the sauce that was supposed to make these into “chilli” fries. The small potato wedges were just covered with a bit of some pink sauce which was supposed to be spicy I guess, but was not really, at least I could not taste any chilli, and a lot of sour cream, which I did not like at all, which in the end made the potatoes unhealthy and something which I don’t imagine at all when thinking about chilli fries. But overall because the chicken burger and normal fries were better than I had before I am increasing the rating of this place by one small m (could have been more if not for the awful chilli fries).

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Street Burgers
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